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The Lake of Reverence Ruin


The exact location of the Lake of Reverence Ruin is not currently known. It is only know that it is located within the territory of the Holy Empire. Most accounts of the Lake have been destroyed but from the few texts that have survived, few things can be determined about the location. 1) The lake does not exist within eye shot of the coast line.  2) It is in a heavily wooded area, the trees so dense at some point you may loose yourself to the branches trying to get through them. 3) It is the highest point in the land. It was necessary for the ritual to take place where the barriers for the world to be thinner.  

Magical Properties

When water is removed from the lake it enters a state of excessive evaporation disappearing in seconds in the form of strong wisps of vapor. Should enough water evaporate a cloud will form directly over the lake and rain the entirety of its content back into the lake, not a single drop to be misplaced, as a result the amount of water never seems to change. It also has a purification property where any impurities placed in the water are immediately burned away in radiant light. The Lake of Reverence Ruin holds magical healing properties. When an average person bathes in or drinks from the lake the will find small wounds and sicknesses healed and will receive a feeling of calm or peacefulness while submerged. However, this is not a universal experience. When a person in service of a god bathes in the water they will find themselves naturally sinking deeper and deeper into the water and will feel pain equivalent to that of a rash erupting where their body makes contact with the water. Should they drink from the lake they will find themselves in ever increasing pain over 2 or 3 days until they eventually die from a poison like effect the water has on their bodies. The only way a person can be cured of this poison is to receive divine healing from the servant of a God that is not their own. It is unknown the reason why this occurs


It is difficult to track the history of the Lake, it's current name is one given to it by the Holy Empire and older documents have referred to it by several different names. Of those old records few still exist, as when the Holy Empire crusaded across the land the rising Emperor deemed the Lake heretical in nature and a threat to the glory of the empire. He order the lake and all record of it destroyed. An undercover scribe of the Order of Oculus discovered his intentions he hid as many documents as he could relating to the lake. It seems any effort used to disrupt the lake were ineffective but the record were all destroyed save for a few. Those documents now reside among the records of the Oculus. Several of the documents clue into a relic at the bottom of the lake but no person seems to have ever gotten to it before.   An excerpt from one of the Saved documents:
" ... I saw her there, the first among the God's servants. She beckoned me closer to the water and bid me to swim. Wishing to prove my devotion I went as far into the water as I could and let it drag me down. To soon it seemed I lost my breath and struggled to reach the surface and shore. She was still there, upset it seemed I could not go deeper. She gestured far into the water and I swear I saw something in the dark depths. I looked back to her and she bid me again to swim..."

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