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The Tree of Fadrigül

In the Badlands of Fadrigül, an enormous tree rises into the sky. While much of the region was ravaged and burned by sunbeasts, this tree has remained curiously untouched. The beasts seem unwilling or unable to journey within a mile of the tree. No one knows why this is the case, though a number of myths about the tree are held by both Darklilngs and Brights alike.    The most universally held legend among the Darklings is that the tree somehow projects a ward against the light. The source of the ward, however, is frequently debated. The more religious among the Darklings claim it to be the work of the Watcher, and that the area beneath the tree is holy land made for them if only they could reach it. Darkweavers, meanwhile, tell a tale of one of their own having reached the tree during the Brightening and enchanted it to keep out the light, and that a hidden city resides there. The more scientific Darklings search for a more natural explanation, though their theories are often ignored in favor of the tree’s mystique.   The surface dwelling Bivré traders, though they reside in forests themselves, give the region a wide birth. They hold a superstition that the tree is actually meant to lure them in with the promise of safety, only to be killed by the sunbeasts nearby. Indeed, there is a higher concentration of beasts in the area, and the Bivré think the tree, like the Brights, absorb the power of the sun and is thus a thing of evil.   Surprisingly, Brights also stay away from the tree. Their myths imply that the tree has a soul and an intelligence, one strong enough that it can combat the power of the sun itself or can command its magic. Some Brightcasters are searching for a way to reach the tree and harness its power as well, but many fear it. Those who are cautious have some measure of doubt about whether they should have opened the sky in the first place, and the tree exists as a living reminder of what the world was like before the Brightening.


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