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Saint's Fall

You walk around, sweating due to humidity of the rainforest, watching your every step so you won't stomp on a snake or trip on thick roots of the old, moss covered trees. Colorful birds screech in the canopy and suddenly what you've been searching for just appears before your eyes: a large mountain reaching for the sky like a lonely tooth in the middle of the jungle. You've reached Saint's Fall.


What is left of Saint's Fall is mostly covered in vegetation, as the building complex has been slowly swallowed by jungle. What remains to this day are the ruins of a portico carved of local yellowish stone. Broken stone slabs pave the road here and there, before the road that was once led out of the building complex vanished into the thicket. The building once adorned the great mountain like jewelry a priestess' body.


Saint's Fall is difficult to reach, as one needs to wander through thick jungle of The Emerald Wilds. No roads lead to the mountain anymore. 
The environment is so humid and hot that it is difficult to understand that the border of The Old Sea is actually very close. Due to same magical phenomena (The Turbulence) which caused The Old Sea turn into desert transformed the temperate hills and valleys of Emerald Wilds into a magical jungle which only the bravest adventurers dare to face.

Localized Phenomena

Sudden thunderstorms and rain pours are a frequent occurrence around Saint's Fall. It seems to act like a some kind of magical, guiding beacon to all thunderstorms.

Fauna & Flora

There are a few endemic species around the area of Saint's Fall, but the Caerulean moss, which is often very picky about the conditions, thrives in the central cave inside the mountain.

Natural Resources

The only known location for caerulean moss around The Emerald Wilds and The Old Sea is in Saint's Fall. The cave also has many blue crystals (academic people call them 'residue crystals'), which are slightly magical and when ground into fine powder, can be used in many alchemical concoctions. The water in the main cave's spring is akin to holy water.


When Saint's Fall still carried some other, now forgotten name, it was a home for flourishing community of healers and acolytes. Many sick people made the journey to the healing spring inside the Saint's Fall's main cave, as the clear blue, blessed water in the spring can at least treat symptoms, if not heal illnesses altogether.
The reason for the abrupt end of the human occupation of Saint's Fall is not commonly known. During The Turbulence many areas became inhabitable so it is possible that the people just packed up and left, but something, if not least the name of the area, hint otherwise. The Place is shrouded in mystery: where did everyone go? What happened to the priestesses and believers who abandoned their beautiful temple inside the main cave? And why is there no sight of them, nor any information anywhere? The original name of Saint's Fall was forgotten, but why is it called Saint's Fall, now, then? No one seems to know, but the name persists...
Alternative Name(s)
Temple of Rejuvenation, The Healing Cave, The Mountain. The Building complex and the Mountain became to share the name.
Mountain / Hill
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