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The Emerald Wilds

The Emerald Wilds is a surprisingly large tropical forest which has been mostly uncharted to this day. Many different species live there and several races and tribes call it home. Before the turbulence the area was not a rainforest, but a flat plain, which many caravans used to travel through. When the whole world's climate went topsy-turvy after The Turbulence, a rainforest with its tropical flora and fauna has come to replace the old grasslands. Cities, which once spotted the plains like stars on the sky, are now in ruins or completely forgotten, apart from few rare ones, and even those have diminished from the glory of their golden days, resembling now more outposts than real cities.


It is situated in a large valley east of the The Old Sea.

Fauna & Flora

Most of the animals have been reported to be somehow infused with magic, probably because of The Turbulence. How much they differ is a completely a mystery, though.
Alternative Name(s)
The Jungle, The Emerald Forest
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)


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