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Village of Amethyst Grove

The Village of Amethyst Grove lies on the edge of The Emerald Wilds. It was once a booming mining town, but after the riches were dug up and the veins depleted, people slowly started to migrate elsewhere and the once so busy town shrunk into its current sorry state. The jungle has reclaimed most of the abandoned buildings and street, doing it so well that only the most often used mainroad is still visible, apart from some ruins and rubble here and there.


The Village of Amethyst Grove used to be a mining town, main articles that were mined were diamonds, amethysts and gold and silver. Due to the Turbulence, which caused minerals to react to magic, the area had an unusually saturated amount of different noble metals and precious stones. Nowadays the village's main source of income is hunting and gathering. The Village's hotspot is its only establishment, Miner's Delight Inn.
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