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Miner's Delight

Miner's Delight is a slightly time-worn looking inn in the Village of Amethyst Grove. It is the only inn in the village and the last piece of civilization before the wilderness of The Emerald Wilds begin.

Purpose / Function

Miner's Delight Inn was built to serve the numerous miners who worked in the nearby diamond mines. In the days of its glory it was the biggest establishment in the town and its patrons numerous. It saw the beginning of biggest diamond mining industry in the area, but also the end of it. When the veins were slowly depleted, people started to move away and family after another left the once booming town and the streets of Village of Amethyst Grove slowly turned quiet.    Nowadays Miner's Delight serves the handful of inhabitants still residing in the city. Occasional hunters may drop by for a drink and adventurers might rent a room for night or two.


Miner's Delight has been altered heavily during its existence. More rooms were built in the golden years, and the very same rooms were slowly taken out of order or repurposed as storage base when the demand plummeted. In its current state it looks more like a bungalow, after the second floor was mostly demolished few decades ago.
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