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Session 8: Tentacles and divine interactions Report

General Summary

After a good night's rest the party headed out of Saint's Fall. The journey back to the civilization would be difficult, but after having done it once the task of doing it twice didn't feel as harrowing. Ellarae took good care of her companions and made sure that even the party's wizard Quinn Duststone got enough to eat. That was of utmost importance, as Ellarae noticed to her disappointment that his muscles were still too weak for survival, at least on the standards of the hunters of The Fey'ri.
During their journey through the humid jungle, watching out for the snakelike oozes and gnolls they previously encountered, the party was taken by a surprise! When odd tentacle, covered in tan fur, wrapped around the wizard of the party and yanked him 10 feet up to the tree, it was time to fight again. The tentacle-arm belonged to a strange, medium-sized ape which had decided, together with its pack of two smaller but as vicious apelings, to have some fresh meat for lunch.
The fight ensued. In the end, everyone but the apes made it out alive. For a small while it looked a bit bad for Quinn who had suffered the most in the tentacles of the apes, but party's druid, Leaf, was there to help when she took her cue from their leader Ellarae. After sufficient healing, they continued on the overgrown path they had been following.   Later on the route the party noticed they were walking among some old ruins. That was not unexpected, as the Emerald Wilds had been a flourishing agricultural area full of towns and villages centuries ago, but what caught Ellarae's eye was what seemed to be a ruin of a bigger building, a temple complex perhaps. In the middle of the biggest building was a huge tree which was growing in a way that the altar which once had been erected in the middle of the building, was only partially visible. Something drew her closer - was it the odd-colored white stone not of local origin the altar was made of, or was there something else, it was only known to the young huntress herself. And when she got closer to inspect the broken altar, she suddenly started to feel faint.   When she opened her eyes in the darkness, she saw the same altar, but without the tree. A single silvery flower growing out of it, in the middle of the huge crack she understood could not have been made by any ordinary weapon: it had had to magical. Two other flowers sprouted alongside the one already existing, from the same stem. The flower let out a beautigul, high-pitched jingle when Ellarae touched it. She also heard a voice behind her and saw a small, white calf, which had small black horns which curved straight up. The calf talked with her and explained she was the same Goddess Ellarae had met earlier at Saint's Fall; Hathor. She talked about the evil god, who once had been a mortal and then ascended to divinity long, long time ago. He had been a good god, a protector, but something had corrupted him or forced him to act against his old allies...
The Hunt
Report Date
04 Dec 2021
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