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Session 7: Gnolls, gnolls, gnolls! Report

General Summary

After a good night's sleep, the party headed refreshed and bags full of snacks prepared by Grilgrim Erdan Merriweather Hoppenscotch into the jungle.    Traveling in The Emerald Wilds was very different than in the desert area of The Old Sea. The vegetation was thick and lush, the trees towered over the travelers, spreading their branches high over the party's heads. The soundscape was different too; all unfamiliar birds and other animals were definitely not the quiet kind.   Ellarae noticed that Quinn Duststone was feeling unwell because of the hot and humid environment, but it was soon revealed it was not the only reason why the poor wizard looked sick. He had been silently attacked by an odd snakelike ooze! It was a proper fight but they managed to fry the worm and Ella took some samples of it, for some unknown future use. Maybe it could be used as coating in her arrows, perhaps?

The party noticed several tracks heading to the direction they were also going: oddly, those of a Hippocamp and then much fresher ones which were left behind by a pack of Gnolls. Maybe the latter were the same they had heard earlier from the Lizardfolk tribe?   When Ella and her group arrived to the cave, they saw that the poor hippocamp had been surrounded by a large pack of gnolls. The fight which ensued was long and difficult, but the party emerged victorious. The hippocamp was wary of them, but headed into the cave before them. It soon became clear that it had been a place of worship long ago. The walls had been decorated beautifully with murals and the once so vibrant colors of the mosaic tiled floors had faded and cracked during the years the place had been abandoned. Ella came closer to a spring in the middle of the cave and saw that her reflection changed. 

Suddenly she was drawn into the spring, and when she rose from the ponf on the other side, she could see the temple like it was still in active use. She also met a Goddess, Hathor, who gave her a big task: To kill an evil god. Will Ella take the task or discard it, is left to be seen.

Rewards Granted

+1 Battle Axe with 'potential'
The Hunt
Report Date
17 Apr 2021
Primary Location
Secondary Location


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