Oh dear Eliza you are so magical and wonderful - you must be from a fairytale of Wunnwalden
  Wunnewalden is a heavily forrested region between the Selverrock Stones in the north and the Serrenten Mountains to the south. It is sparsely populated now, but home to many mysterious ancient ruins of unknown origins. People claim that dragons have once ruled this area and an ancient race of light and elegance lived here with them together.   The region is wrapped in many myths surrounding both the gods as well as ancient creatures that had their kingdom here. Especially the travels of Vitukua are said to have found their end in this region and the mystical power here allowed the person to ascend to godhood.   Many ruins can be found, build apparently several hundred years before. The architecture does not fit to the current buildings in the neihgbouring regions and looks unusually fragile. Apparently, the buildings incorporated many slim towers that rose high above the trees and people claim they were build to interact with the dragons living here before. The only few human settlements in the area are religious conclaves who worhsip the magical energies of life and death in the name of Vitukua.   Places of magic are abundant here and the whole area is overgrown with colorful Myridias Moss. Some places are part of well known legends, just like the Dragoneye, where Vitukua once ascended after they encountered the last dragon.
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