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Myridias Moss

The Color of Magic - As a soft carpet beneath your feet

Color, Divinity and Nature - No other thing in this world embodies the culmination of these three aspects better than the Myridas Moss
Myridias, a type of moss found almost everywhere in Caramiza, is well known for its colorful appearance and magical glow it emanates. It is known to grow by absorbing magical energy and taking on one of at least six different colors depending on the plant's magical affinity. In magically strongly charged areas, the moss and its spores are luminescent and create breathtaking visuals.   With the recent advancements of magically powered industry, Myridias Moss has become a constant plague, clogging up the channels and machinery of the factories. As the plant is relatively resilient, many industries, especially Whitesteel Inc are researching effective Myridiacides.

Basic Information

Myridias is a moss growing in large patches on almost any surface all throughout the known world, especially within the Greenwinds Valley. The plants are resilient to both extreme wind and direct sunlight, even growing at the coasts and within more arid patches of land. While the plants do thrive on water and nutrients in the ground, they are apparently able to live off of magical energy alone.   Its roots and stem are always of a brown or ochre color, however, the leaves are always one of six vibrant colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple. These colors are associated both with the six gods of the Great Pantheon as well as the six base types of magic outlined in the Prismatic Theory of Magic.   The plant has a clear affinity to magic, being able to absorb energy both from the air as well as the surface it is attached to. When provided with an abundance of magical energy, the plant will develop a long-lasting glow. This glow even can affect their spores, which are carried away by the wind for reproduction. Myridias Moss is able to crystallize a small amount of magical energy and store it between its roots.
Abundant Magic
Myridias growing in areas of Abundant Magic have leaves with vibrant colors. The top parts, the sporophytes glow in the same color, visible even by daylight. When touched, a person would feel a slight tingle.
Normal or Weak Magic
Myridias in most areas of the world is colored, but the leaves and stem are more translucent, the less magic is present. These will sometimes glow up in response to a strong magical user nearby.
Drained of Magic
When a Myridias plant is drained of all its magic, the leaves will turn grey or black. The plant will continue to grow and spread spores, and while new plants may again have color, it will rarely return to this specimen.


The innate effects of Myridias Moss are both the storage and absorption of magical energy as well as the amplification of specific types of magic passing through the plants. This does affect the wildlife around it and can be purposefully used for magical and medicinal uses.
Considering its large amount of stored energy, Myridias moss serves as excellent nutrients for many animals.   Many herbivores have adapted to eating Myridias, granting them better health and strength as well as some small magical abilities. Species usually prefer certain types of moss, but they can typically eat any variant.
Myridias grows small magical crystals in its roots, crystalline accumulation of the energy, the plant has gathered from the environment.   These Crystals can be easily harvested by pulling back the moss as a rug and brushing down the crystals. Grounded down to a fine salt, they are used as a base ingredient in many alchemical processes.
Several centuries ago, most magical users were wielding staffs and wands as a catalyst and focus for their magical power.   Some cults had fashioned their wands with wood overgrown by Myridias Moss. This usually enhanced the focal effect of the staff and made it longer lasting. Additionally, certain types of spells could be amplified by the moss.
Most beings in the world react positively to small amounts of magic provided to them, especially when fighting off sickness or healing injuries.   As such, Myridias moss is frequently used as part of a compress to lay on wounds, as well as a brew to strengthen a person's resistance against most infections. Depending on the moss's color, they are more efficient for certain types of wounds - red moss, for example, is excellent to cure frostbite, while blue moss helps soothe burns and blue moss is excellent for broken bones.

Cultural Relevance

Sign of Peace and Serenity
In most regions of Caramiza Myridias Moss is associated with wonder, magic and a peaceful blessing by the gods. It is rarely desired to remove moss from walls or buildings.   Even in large cities like Bealuki or Taymtstrom one can encounter moss almost everywhere. Especially in graveyards colorful patches of moss create a serene atmoshpere.
Silver Moss and Divinity
Besides the six colors, there is also a silver glowing variant, almost exclusively found around Selversheyn.   This moss is said to represent the most divine form of magic and demonstrates the importance of Selversheyn as the most spiritual place in all of Caramiza. Most notably, the Silver Fields of Divinity the largest known occurence of silver moss in the world, is deeply intwerwoven with the ascension myth of the Great Pantheon.
"To look upon Myridias, is to look upon divine art. Open your eyes for the ever present beauty, the many colors that speak of the bond the gods have with the mortal world. As the Myridias covers the world, peace covers everybody like a warm blanket."
During the so-called "Myridiastic Period" from ca. 1350 to ca. 1415 many artists were depicting realistic, peaceful nature scenes. A common element was the glowing moss, often contrasting the scene against one or more animals. The common use of the moss as a means to convey peaceful and untouched scenery gave the artistic era its name.   This is especially remarkable as this era is full of conflict and war. Hints of these troubled times were only rarely depicted and always being shown covered by moss.
Moss-Covered creatures
In many stories and depictions, animals overgrown with Myridias Moss often function as messengers from a god. Several of these animals most likely existed at some point and multiple of them can be still sighted today.   Some examples include the Birchcrown Stag, the Woodland Goldfox and the Camiten Otter.
Black Moss
Drained of all magic it once held, black Myridias Moss is seen as a sign of corruption and evil areas. Writing and Art uses black moss to depict buildings, places, or persons as morally rotten, decaying, or cursed with bad luck.   Considering that industrial regions tend to turn Myridias Moss black, this has triggered some superstitions against technological advancement.
Folk Tale
A very unique folk tale tells of an unusual danger posed by the moss. According to the story of the Wanderer in the Morast, lone travelers lost in the woods or swamps are in danger of getting devoured by the moss, when sleeping. Even worse, a copy of the person made from the moss might return to their home village, threatening to abduct more people into the woods.   There never have been concrete hints of how the copy might differ from the original person, except some traces of moss on their clothes.

Dangers and Endangerment

In general, Myridias Moss has beneficial effects on nature and people or is at least neutral in its effects. However, in some specific cases Myridias can be an annoyance or even harmful.
A hindrance to Industry
The spores of Myridias Moss follow the flow of magical energy and thrive where magical energy is abundant. Current industrial development extensively uses magical energy for powering and moving the motors and machines used in production.   As a result, Myridias Moss regularly ends up in the pipes and gears of the machinery, clogging up the energy transfer and blocking intricate gears. Being inside the machinery, the moss can siphon energy from the flow of magic directly. Completely removing the moss seems to be almost impossible currently, and is a hard and regularly required task. The Moss Scrapers have started to specialize on moss removal.   Considering the rather lucrative earning potential, some Moss Scraper actively seek to block the development of an effective Myridiacide. Simply killing it off is not effective.
Danger for Magic Users
Longterm exposure to Myridias Moss can endanger the health of a magically gifted person with the threat of Mossrot.   People trained in using magic often subconsciously pull magical energy into them when breathing. This additional flow of magic often pulls Myridias spores into their body, where they might be able to settle. Supplied with enough magic, the moss is able to grow within the body.   At first, this actually enhances the magical user in a symbiotic way - they will be able to store more magic, use it more efficiently and be healthier. Over time, however, the growing amount of moss in the body will start to hinder air- and blood flow, damaging the organs and break through the skin.   Mossrot at this stage is usually untreatable and fatal within a few years.
With the advent of modern industry the spread of magically drained, blackened moss seems to have increased significantly. Magoscientists explain this with the Instable Sustainability Effect, where magical machinery, once started up, would drain additional magical energy from its surroundings. Myridias Moss in the vicinity will be subsequently drained and turn black, scarring landscapes around factories for decades.  
"Curiously, Myrididas Moss that gathered inside the machinery seems to be resillient to the Instable Sustainabillity Effect - most likely since it can restore the magic drained from it through the abundant magic flowing around it. It makes me wonder, if one can revive blackened moss with a sufficient gift of new magic. What would it mean to our theories of Energy Exchange if effects like these are indeed entirely reversible?"
  As it is unclear what long-lasting effects this might have on the moss and its connected ecosystems, some naturalists are worried about nature's possible destruction. Movements have developed to protect certain beautiful areas from the industrial destruction's threat, especially the Ukanten Valley close to the Whitesteel Inc territory in Caramiza's western region, home of the most beautiful flora.  

Further Details

Myridias Moss has always been a steady part of Caramiza's cusine. Dried or pickeled moss can be used as mild spices with a very distinctive flavor. While red Myridias Moss tastes hot, green moss would taste slightly sour and yellow moss sweet.
There is a legend In the area around the Fenorijten Swamp about a reclusive but peaceful man (or perhaps a group of men), covered in Myridias moss that roams and guards the swamps. Some claim the man allows to grow the moss on his skin, gaining mystical power through it.
Considering its properties in storing energy, some industries started to experiment on using moss as a refreshable and transportable energy storage. The ability to recharge would make it superior to crystals, which are only a one time use. So far, the moss only yields back too little of the invested energy though.
The Gamian Greenotter consumes only the Blue Myridias Moss and the Yellow Myridias moss, often found along the Coast of the Gamian Sea. This enables him to glow in a bright green color at night as well as breathing underwater and swimming at high speeds.


Myridias Moss (Sketch)

Single Stem of the Moss growth (highlighted), ca. 3 cm:
(1) Sporophyte with Luminescent capsule,
(2) Gametophyte with magical pigments,
(3) Surface Rhizoids,
(4) Subterranean Rhizoids,
(5) Crystalline growths
Magical Affinity
Average Size
2cm to 4cm
Usually, yes
Scientific Name
Bryum Magiluminis Myridias
Myridias Apacidas
Red Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to magic of Order and Strength.
  • Promiently found in warm, dry regions.
  • Increases physical strength and can fight off Hypothermia.
Myridias Maneris
Yellow Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to magic of Flow and Change.
  • Prominently found in valleys along rivers.
  • Increases resistance against infections and can help waking up.
Myridias Vituades
Green Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to Magic of Growth and Regeneration.
  • Prominently found in forests.
  • Increases overall endurance and can speed up healing of wounds.
Myridias Sabesias
Cyan Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to Magic of Calm and Void
  • Prominently found in colder or shadowy regions.
  • Increases concentration, can cure insomnia, and can counter fear and panic.
Myridias Gazezis
Blue Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to magic of Stability and Resistance.
  • Prominently found in elevated regions.
  • Increases defense against brunt forces and speeds up healing of broken bones.
Myridias Lirinis
Purple Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to magic of Variance and Heat.
  • Prominently found in lush and verdant areas.
  • Increases creativity and boosts self confidence
Myridias Divinitas
Silver Myridias Moss
  • Affinity to divine magic.
  • Irregular and rare occurrences.
  • Can temporarily increase magic abilities.


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Just a quick comment on what you have so far: first, I love the idea of a moss, I haven't seen one so far!   Your world does sound interesting, I'll have to remember to come back and have a look after April… I like magical industries. And those wands they used to have with moss sound super cool!   Regarding the use of the moss in medicine, this would work well the way you've described it, but my first thought is that some the bacteria or parasites would also be able to feed on the moss and to gain strength from it as the same time as the people. In real life, some microorganisms are able to feed on micronutrients in the blood and so they benefit for them being abundant. One defence mechanism of the body is to reduce their blood concentration. That may be an idea if you want to introduce a disease for which it doesn't work.   Good luck with the rest of the work :D

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This is a really cool plant so far! I also like magically powered industries in a world and it's nice to see how your plant reacts to it. One question though regarding this. Why does the moss become drained of magic in industry? Would it not just actually take part of the energy used in the industrial machines and decrease their magic efficiency in the process?   The uses of the moss and especially the magic crystals that they produced were well tought out. I also like how you linked a lot of culture to the moss. Especially the Myridiastic Period was a nice addition and really gave me a sense of what kind of art would be created in your world.   Nice article!:)

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Considering the detail on the color: Yes, this is coming up. This is still not done :) My plan is to go into details on the sidebar and every moss color will get its own article at one point.   Considering the blackend moss: Black is not dead. The moss can survive both on magic and normal nutrients. Being forcibly drained of all its magic still leaves it living a mundane, magic-less life. I think I will elaborate this point with a quote or flavor text I guess.   You know, I just thought colorful mossy graveyards could be pretty. maybe with some moss being intentionally planted. But hey, maybe a recently deceased magically powerful person has some kind of effect on the magical flow? This could be worth exploring.

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8 Apr, 2021 06:29

Hmm, interesting point you have there. I admit apparently I haven't fully thought of it yet. Let's do this now ...   Perhaps the moss is still drawn to magical currents, even though it cannot use it anymore?   Basically, the spores are spread by a combination of wind and magical current - that current certainly exist even (or especially) towards places that drain a lot of magic. So while it is able to spore and grow there a bit, it will quickly die off after a short while - within the machine. Let's say it has some resistance and won't be drained immediately. Enough time to root and latch on to surfaces.   Still, spores will continue to propagate into the machines from outside. The Blackened Moss still spores and outside are both magic and natural resources.   As a result, the moss will build up within the machines, even though it quickly dies. The build-up is definitely slower than in nature outside but it is happening because of the magical currents and moss existing outside the system.   Yeah, I think that's what I will be going with. Going to add this to the article later, thank you so much for the good observation! =D

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I am glad you liked it! I only wish I would have the time (and the imagery) to expand on the animals a bit more. But I imagine a bunch of species having a certain favorite diet that compliments their abilities.   It could be interesting to think about how these effects propagate in the food chain - maybe there are cougars that hunt on magically enhanced deer especially? Maybe that gives them an edge in magic as well!   So many possibilities :)

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Very happy you like the Color aspect - one of the first ideas that came to mind were "Mystical Forest scenes with glowing spores in the air" - and then it transformed into color and magic and so much deeper system - it was so much fun to interconnect my world with this plant

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Verti this is really cool!   I love how incoorporated the moss is in the world, both as a theological symbol and to a hindrance for production to a food product.   I especially like the idea with the mossrot, the symbiotic nature that would first result in a boost in power but soon overtakes the person and instead causes quite a gruesome death.... that's good stuff verti! Really enjoyed this.

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Very happy you liked it!   I was in fact hesitant at first, to make it connected to divinity. But I kept calling it the prismatic thery of magic in my mind, so I needed a "white" (and effectively I also have a black.... wonder what that one ist)   The Moss being everywhere and getting everywhere was my attempt of always having something mean for my world in there :D

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I love this plant and article! You thought of so many great details I feel like I'm reading the article of a professional botanist! I love all the cultural details you added and the differences with the colours!

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Plants are very important in painting nature so it was a great idea to add its meaning to the culture, maybe I should start doing that too...

Visit Daeliha, Iphars, Khulgran & Shattered
Love to code, but this one is driving me crazy!
My world Shattered won as the "Most ground-breaking premise new world"!
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I will freely admit, this article was on the wordier side of what I can usually stomach, but I did very much enjoy the content. You went into details that I love being covered, stuff that people often miss (like drawbacks and dangers).   The article also has a strong verisimilitude over it. Even though it's a fantasy setting, everything sounds and feels plausible.   Excellent work, Verti!

11 Apr, 2021 07:22

Thank you so much! This is in fact one of the more wordier article than I am usually used to write as well.   My goal was to have this many information easily accessible - after reading once a gamemaster or an author could just quick reference the article to remind themselves of the details.   Thank you so much for saying it feels plausible! This is a big thing for me every time I write in my world :)

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Love how detailed this is! So much good information and a great layout, too.

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moss-magic-batter? Now your speaking my language, I love moss, and i love it even more when it glows!

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A beautiful weed, from the perspective of the factories. Sounds real neat! Hm, a magic-user who knows their time is coming to an end, could use Mossrot as a last Hail Mary...

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I really really love that article! Its usage in art really makes it feel as a part of an actual world

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I am so happy to hear you enjoyed my article :) I agree, weaving so many threads together makes a world feel much more alive - it is why I tend to write more a collection of information tidbits and less prose.

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