The Wunnerkinners are a culture of people living within the Wunnewalden. They see themselves as the direct decendants of Vitukua's followers and they mostly follow the tenets to the Draconic Wunnewalden Druids and practice a very nature-loving livestyle with nature based magic.   They are mostly based in the area around Vituarin, the ancient temple and current trade post at the Fenoria Stream. Lots of smaller groups spread all over the forest in losely connected small settlements. They try to avoid cutting down too many of the giant petried trees of the forest and instead build their dwellings around these giants.   They practice a coming of age ceremony involving the hunt for Dragonsparrow, as well as the search for particular types of Stoneglow Fruit   The Wunnekinner are generally very elcoming to outsiders and display a strong curiosity for the ways of the outside world. However, they become very disappointed, shocked or sometimes even militant if someone is disrespectful to nature or unreasonabily harming the forest.   Despite their curiosity, they experience very little wanderlust for the area outside the forest but they enjoy to tell stories they heard from outside. The Wunnekunner live together in families or smaller groups of ten to fifteen people at most. If a family becomes too large, the adult children often move away to form a new settlement.   The family group moves every few years to a new spot, leaving their old dwellings behind. They believe they will give the lands a chance to regain some of its energy until a new family may arrive years later.   They value the skills of the individual und their pursuit of improvement. Honesty and Empathy are also highly valued. All these elements can be found in the tenets of the Draconic Wunnewalden Druids as well.   While a Wunnekin is often perceived as naive from outsiders, most of them are quick to understand even complex scenarios. When the Gamian Group and the Royal Council of Caramiza started negotiating taxation laws for the trade post in Vituarin, they were impressed and caught off-guard by the quick understanding of financial concepts.   Their Copperbound Contract is a simple box of stonewood, often engraved with the family's symbol. Inside the box is a prayer to Vitukua as well as a set of tools needed for collecting the ingredients of the Ascending Dragon Roast - an obisidian sickle, several arrows and a string out of mysterious material - supposedly a strand of hair from a dragon's mane.
Related Locations
Locally Constraint Culture
Time of Developement
About 2000 years ago
Currently Existing
Around 7.500 People
  • Naive and uncivilized forest-people
  • Nature loving tree hugger, always talking about the flow of magic and nature's balance
  • Generally friendly, welcoming and curious
  • Magically gifted and dislikes technology


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