Vitukua Ascending at the Dragoneye

The commonly told fairy tale of "Vitukua Ascending at the Dragoneye" is one of the central myth about Vitukua's ascension into godhood. It describes the end of Vitukua's long travels in his search for the mystical, immortal dragons, only to find an unexpected truth about the nature of life and death.  

The Importance of the place

  The dragoneye lake is a perfectly round lake deep inside the mysterious Wunnewalden. Many legends tell how it is a place of old magic used by the dragons in their powerful creations. It was both the centre of their ancient culture as well as the place of the last dragons. Even today, the area almost overflows with magic, preserving the wonderful aura of the events that transpired here. Most likely, without this ambient magic, it would have been much more difficult for Vitukua to ascend.  

Reaching the End of a Journey

  After decades of travel, Vitukua finally came here in his final hope of encountering the dragons. He arrived only to find the notes of the last dragon remnant and their tellings of the fate of his race. As it turns out, the last dragon died a few years before and having the gift of clearvoyance, the last dragon prepared a message for Vitukua personally.   It explained to him that no race, not even the powerful dragons, rulers of the world for millenia, were able to survive indefinitely and that death will come for everything that lives, to make room for what comes next.   Legend tells us Vitukua did not take these informations well.   He spent weeks to search the whole area for traces of the dragons, finding out where they had gone.   He screamed into the woods at random, accusing the surely listening dragons to have formed a devious ploy to evade him.   He tried to offer up his service to them to see a glmpse of immortaility.   He almost gave into despair, sending most his followers away, who settled all across the forest.   Finally, Vitukua came to a rest. He sat down at the lake, meditated and really pondered about the message. A call went out to his most trusted followers and to them, Vitukua explained what he now understood: The importance of balance and the cycle of life and death, which his church preaches to this day.   And with one last look to his fellowship, he finally accepted the truth.   And Vitukua Ascended.


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