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Hailaid is the largest volcano in Agia and well as the highest mountain, it is located on Matem Ynsulas. Hailard is believed by many species to be the birthplace of all living things. This is due to its large caldera on the top, with an island in the middle and a singe tree on the island. Some believe the name only refers to the island inside the volcano, while other believe it is the whole volcano that is included. But most time it depends on the context since Hailard was originally referring both to the volcano and the island. The tree inside the mountain is believed to be the Tree of Life which have brought life to all corners of Agia, including all the sentient races of the world.


Hailaid is a massive volcano, which have not been active for a very long time. The top of the volcano reaches high into the sky, so clouds surrounds its top most of the time. Inside is a freshwater lake that is sky blue because of a very rare mineral, that is nourished by the melting of permafrost on the top and rainwater. Due to excessive amount of water, the caldera has four rivers running down the volcano and into the sea. The tree Godwenbyth stands in the middle of the island in the lake, and its roots are all over the island, nothing else beside Godwenbyth can grow on it.     Around the volcano a large forest almost surrounds it, but due to the fall of rain it is mostly the western side of the island that have forests.

Localized Phenomena

Before the Corruption, Godwenbyth used to be a glowing golden tree with silvery roots. It is said that the lake and Godwenbyth was the sky on Agia. And during the day the tree would shine brightly as the sun, and the lake would have the sky's clear colour. But during the night, Godwenbyth would reflect the moons light and make the lake appear to be glowing while the stars could easily be seen in the clear water. After the corruption, Godwenbyth withered and became a black husk of its once-magnificent self, but the lake still has a beautiful blue colour. No living creature can go near the tree due to its corruption, if any creature were to venture near the Godwenbyth, they would either mutate or get seriously ill, often with death to follow.


According to The Book of Irath, the volcano were created when Rathias slammed her fist into the ground due to anger and frustration and made the ground rise. Her blood from her fist created the boiling lava in the middle of the mountain, and toxic fumes made the environment on Agia uninhabitable, even for the Goddesses. After thousands of years, the volcano were no longer active, and Irath decided to mark the volcano as a place of life, seeing the beauty of the lake in the middle of the volcano. She walked into the middle of the lake and started cutting her fingernails to create an island, but due to her excitement, she cut too low and her blood and life made the Godwenbyth. She blew onto the tree, creating the winds that carried vegetation to the rest of the world. From its roots the animals of the sea came into the world, from its bark the animals of land, and from the treetop the animals of the sky.   The corruption took place when some human pilgrims ventured up to the volcano, but when they touched the Godwenbyth, they mutated and made the tree wither in the progress. Human greed have been frowned upon ever since, especially by the other races.


No creature dares to venture to this place. Some scholars believes it is too holy for any creature to venture back to where they originally came from and therefore the punishment came for the pilgrims and anyone else who ventured to this place. And though on all maps of Agia appears to have Matem Ynsulas, no one knows the exact location of Hailaid nor the Isles themselves.

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