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The Book of Irath


In the Beginning, everything was shared equally between the Light and the Darkness. The Light shone brightly in the Universe, but still seperated by distance so that Darkness would not be overwhelming in power. But due to the distance, the Light felt it needed a leader to shape the light in different was than just by being light, and thus the Goddess Irath came to be. She saw how empty and lonely the universe was, and therefore took a smaller amount of Light from each distant places and created a huge glowing orb called the Glux. She had created a seperate place where only she had the power, called the Irath'las, the Realm of Light. And she made the Glux as a gateway, the Porthint’glux, to Irath'las.
  But the Darkness became furious that the Light suddenly had tipped the balance they once shared, and from the Darkness envy and anger, the Goddess Rathies came to be. Created by anger and envy, Rathias sought to destroy whatever her twin Irath would create. She became envious of the beauty of the Glux, and thus created another orb to show her power to her sister. However, the orb she created was but an orb of cold and barren dust pressed together, that was called Tewyblis. She too made the orb as a gateway, the Porthint’tewyblis, to her realm, the Rathies'les.
  Irath felt the loneliness more than ever, and she wanted to make something new, that neither the Light nor the Darkness knew of. She cut some of her long hair and spun it together into another orb, smaller than the Glux, but larger than the Tewyblis. It was no orb of Light nor Darkness, but from the life she had been given. The orb became Agia, a world for life, where the Glux would travel around in order to light all parts of the world, and the parts where the Glux would shine upon became known as the day, and the dark part would be called night.
  Rathias saw the orb made from Irath's hair, and she, too, sought to ahve an influence of this peculiar orb. In a small moment where Irath was not looking, Rathias took some of her hair and had it sewn into the the orb as well. She then took the Tewyblis and wanted it to take away the light that the Glux shone upon the world, but at that moment she was interrupted by her sister, who was angry at what was done to her beloved Agia, and it made Rathias place the Tewyblis in a hurry, and thus it was not able to cover the Glux all the time. Rathias tried to blow it on the same course as the Glux, but it only made the Tewyblis smooth and able to reflect the Glux light onto the world during the night, and thus it looked to be in different shape, from no shape, to cresent, to full, and to cresent again, variating from day to day and repeating the cyclus due to the Glux's movement on the sky. Each repetition became known as a month. But sometimes the Tewybli would succeed in cover the Glux completely, and make the world go dark in the day, this became known as the Glux Darkening.
  Seeing how her masterpiece had been corrupted by her sister, Irath shed her tears onto Agia, creating the seas and water of the world. And seeing how her tears had made her world more unwelcome, she cut her fingernails over several decades, making it a large continent on the world, this continent became known as Peia. It was a small comfort that now she would be able to walk on Agia, but she still felt something was missing, and she still felt the loneliness, therefore she travelled to Irath'las, to think it though. In the meantime, the evious Rathies sough her way to shape the land, but she did not know how. In her frustration she slammed her fist in anger into the middle of Peia, which created quakes all around the world, and from where her fist had hit the ground, the ground had swollen to a huge size, and she noticed the top was filled with red liquid, it was only in this moment she discovered that she bled from her fist had hit the ground. The liquid was boiling and sending toxic fumes into the air, much like how Rathias felt. But she soon discovered that Agia now was a hostile enviroment, and even she could not cope staying there anymore, and therefore fled to Rathies'les.
  Irath was devastated of what her sister had done to her beloved Agia, and was not able to cast her eyes onto the world for several thousands of years. Instead she warred with her sister for what she had done, but they were equally strong and not able to defeat one another. After fivetousands years, Irath dared look at Agia, and much to her surprise, the landscape had changed. The large continent had been spread to some smaller ones, but where the angry ground had been boiling in the red liquid and the toxic fumes had been, was now an island with the ground rising in the middle. It was still the highest place on Agia and covered in white and water in the middle, not the boiling liquid. Continents also had some parts of the ground risen, to which she had named these mountains, other parts had small rifts with water flowing through she called them rivers. Some places angry risen ground, much like the one Rathias had created, though much smaller and they helped the land grow from where they could reach with their flowing red liquid, and she named these volcanoes, though they had similarities with mountains, she would not named these hostile envioment for mountains. The nothern parts of Agia was covered in white, this she called snow.
  She once again looked at the largest volcano that Rathias had created, and her opinion of it softened. She saw the beauty that had come by itself in the place that once was hostile, and she decided, that this place should be remembered as a place of life, instead of destruction. She stepped onto the small lake in the volcano and made an island in the middle of her fingernails, and due to her excitement she cut so low it bled. And with her Light, her love, and her wish for life, a tree on the island grew big and beautifully, the tree that was named Godwenbyth. She blew onto the tree, creating the winds that carried the life, so the world was filled with vegetation. From the tree's roots that reached the lake, small fish and other water animals were formed, and they swam down the stream that flowed from the volcano and into Agias seas, rivers and lakes. From the bark of the tree, both smaller and larger animals, that walked the ground were formed. They ran down the mountain and to all lands of the world, with Irath's help. From the tree's top the birds and other creatures that could fly, flew to all parts of the world. Now the world was filled with life, and Irath was finally beginning to feel less lonely.
  Rathias had discovered her sisters interest in warring, and the increasing interest in Agia. In her envy, Rathias sought to destroy and recreate the world into her perfection. If destruction could lead to beauty, beauty could lead to destruction as well. The light winds that Irath had created, she blew to storms. she ran her fingers through the seas peacefull surface, creating maelstroems and tall, destructive waves. The white, puffy clouds on the sky, she angered and filled it with ill intentions, creating thunder and lightening. Some parts of the eath she burned, making them barren. Some forrests and animals she made succumb to illness and madness.   Irath was increasingly worried of Rathies influence, and she was not able to remove the destruction Rathiess seemed to bring, but some of these catastrophies that had been created, she could mitigate. She used the maelstrom to give way for water to stream more easily through the landscape, she used the tall waves to become small waves rolling softly on the coastlines. The quakes that shook lands, which Rathias had made in her anger when she had created the huge volcano, Irath made them shape the landskabe into hills, valleys, and mountains as well. She created the rain to muffle the sound of the thunder. And though she was not satisfied with not being able to remove the catastrophies of Rathies, she was still content with how the world had been shaped over the course of time. She spend some decades to just walk around and enjoy her creation and watch all the colous that both the Glux and the Tewyblis made both night and day, seeing how life was formed, talking to the different kinds of animal, though it saddened her, that they could not respond to her. She visited Godwenbyth and marvelled at the life it formed. Sometimes it formed new creatures to the world, and she would help them reach other continents and island throughout Agia.
  Rathias saw the happiness and the content her sister felt, and the envy and ill-intent rose up in her. She started with the animals in the waters, but quickly moved on to different kinds of animals. She gave dem the need to feed on other living creatures, gifting them with sharp teeth and claws to make it possible. Some she gave ill intentions as well, as these animals loved to play with their prey before eating, other creatures were gifted with venom, and some even with the ability to controle some elements like fire, ice, water and so forth. These animals became the first predators of Agia, and all of them would carry these gifts and needs.
  Irath felt her need to create something that could converse with her and help her shape the world more in other aspects as well. She also needed someone to controle the world, when she had not the time to be in or look on Agia and protect it from the Darkness and from her sister, Rathias. Thus she planned her new addition to the world. Rathias had also discovered a longing in her sister, and she knew the time for at new creation of Irath was soon to be. Something far superior compared to all the animals in the world. And she knew once Irath had made that creation, she would be able to influence it to make Agia completely hers, and maybe even destroy Irath in the process. And then Rathias would finally bring victory to the Darkness.
Text, Religious

Creutus Cyram

... 1731 BGD

The Era that marks Irath's creations and the three Brenin's dreams with the making of the Illendrith

  • -10000 CC

    Era beginning/end

    No one knows when Irath was created by the Light, and therefore most priest and scholars write either --, ??, or 10,000 to indicate her birthing year.

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