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Soul Spire

The Soul Spire, also known as Dead Man's Peak, is an ancient, mysterious tower shrouded in mist along the Lotus Run, a river in western Snagria. It was built around a weak point in the Shroud by the Infernal Knights with the use of the ancient Dwarves, known as Dark Ones at the time, during the Elder-Realm war to make travel between Zel'goth's domain and the mortal realm easier.


Soul Spire is located on the edge of the Corncier savanna and along the Lotus Run river in western Snagria. The surrounding area is tainted with ancient dark magics, causing the land to become darker and dryer. The surrounding trees stand lifeless and shrouded in an unnatural mist, causing a dangerous barrier around the spire.

Fauna & Flora

This location is a unique, self contained microbiome. Due to it's unique nature and qualities, various flora and fauna may appear here. This is only one of two locations that contain plants such as Dread Root, Dread Whisks as well as mutated fauna that were originally other animals that roamed to far into the area, causing them to go feral and mutate into beasts.

Natural Resources

Rare resources in this region include but aren't limited to the following:
  • Small, hidden deposits of Aetherium Ore.
  • Dread Seeds, used as an alchemy ingredient or planted to grow more. It typically corrupts a small amount of surrounding soil but is usually harmless on it's own.
  • Obsidian Ore


The Soul Spire has stood for as long as anyone can remember. The ancient Avariel were the only race to have witnessed its construction. The ancient dwarves, known as the Dark Ones at that time, were the ones who constructed it. However, since the transformation of the Dark Ones into modern Dwarves, they have lost all knowledge of the spire. To scholars and others, who live outside the four Avariel temples, the origin of the spire is unknown. Those same Scholars believe it to have been built around a weak point in the Veil by an unknown ancient race for an unknown purpose.
Alternative Name(s)
Dead Man's Peak
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