Seele Woods

The Seele Woods are one of the biggest natural phenomenon on Tandari due to how little separation there is from the Faewild. A wayward traveler or lost child can easily get lost or kidnapped by the Fae. Rarely returning from this unfortunate situation. Hunters often go there to try to capture and tame Blink Dogs and Displacer Beasts. Some come for the can to make deals with infamous Hag Covens.


It is located north of the Grisenwood forest and just south of the mountains that separate N'varo from the main land of Tandari. It is a heavily wooded forest with isolated streams, lakes, and caverns.


The Seele Woods have a similar Eco system to a traditional forest except for there is a heavy Fae influence as Blink Dogs, Displacer Beasts and Hags are spotted hidden amongst the trees. Thanks to the thin veil between the Faewild and the Material plane there is a exotic range of native plant life and creatures that phase between the planes.

Localized Phenomena

The biggest phenomena is the thin veil between the Faewild and Material plane. Some say that it is the easiest point to transport into the Faewild or the best hunting ground to hunt overly curious Fae creatures such as Pixies and Blink Dogs. For the more nefarious it has the best chances of finding a Hag coven which some search for to make a deal in exchange for power.

Natural Resources

There are small pockets of Ironwood in the Seele Woods though it has an abundance of regular wood and wild game for hunters to hunt from.


Poachers have often heard rumor exotic animals that are often found here such as blink dogs and displacer beats. Most who come here are in search of cratures of the fae as it is said this forest is the just a sliver of the Faewild.


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