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Catholm is a large temple built from bricks of a Starglass in the shape of a cats head. The floor of the crater has been mostly flattened, and so from a great distance the 'ears' of the structure are visible over the lip of the crater. The altar in the center of the Grand Prayer chambers is the meteorite which formed the crater itself, its rough and flat top a harsh contrast to the glassy crystal bricks forming the rest of the temple.   The Orvus priesthood is led by Janice Evheim, an exceptionally old woman who is covered in mystical runes and tattoos. She has been the high priestess for as long as anyone living can remember.   The temple grounds are home to many 'Temple Cats', some who dwell there permanently and others coming and going as they please (a behavior many a cat exhibits). These Temple cats are fed by the priestesses daily, with grains and fish imported from Mattheo, Tetron, and various other settlements near and far.   Devotees of Orvus and curious travelers often make a pilgrimage here in order to seek good fortune, a cure for some malady, answers to troubles, or a home for a lost feline. The reasons for their pilgrimages are many and the Priestesses and Priests of Orvus do their best to tend to their needs. A typical offering for the temple consists of a monetary donation as well as some food for the Temple Cats. It is said that if you sit upon the floor of the Grand Prayer chamber and one (or more!) of the Temple Cats sets down on your lap, it is a sign of Orvus' favour.


Catholm is a located in the center of a crater where centuries ago a meteor struck the desert sands and the scorching heat melted the sand around it into the crystalline substance of Star Glass.   It is in the deserts far to the west of Mariosa: and the 'ears' of the temple can be seen for a fair distance over the lip of the crater.

Localized Phenomena

Cats of all shapes and sizes find their way to Catholm, where they are welcome to come and go as they please.   Tales of a family pet disappearing overnight and reappearing in Catholm an leading the owners here, only to escape a terrible fate had they remained in place are somewhat common.
Alternative Name(s)
Grand Priestess
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Characters in Location
Star Glass is a material which is created when meteors entering the atmosphere impact the sands of The Giovan Dunes (Region) and the heat and minerals of the foreign rocks fuse to form a mostly translucent crystalline substance that is stronger than traditional glass tends to be. With careful tooling it can be crafted into all sorts of tools and artpieces. The crater in which Catholm is located was covered in this substance, which is one of the reasons why the clergy of Orvus decided to create the grand temple out of it.   While 'naturally formed' Star Glass is fairly abundant due to the size of the Giovan dunes, new patches of it are discovered as sand blows away and a nomadic band or trader happens across a new deposit, it is also possible for it to be created via alchemy. The alchemists of Andreas have mostly perfected the process for forming new Star glass using raw sand and a number of other minerals commonly found in meteorites as well as a substantial heat. This allows for 'Synthetic Star Glass' to be created in shape and quantities mostly on demand for whatever an artist, architect, weaponsmith, or collector desires.

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