Greenwell Mangrove

The Greenwell Mangrove (Bre'e Tbah in Ba'a, or simply Greenwell among tourists) is a coastal wetland region noted for it's numerous tiny, sandy islands and dense mangrove tree cover. Remarkable for its natural beauty, Greenwell is also famous among those familiar with Native Ovinex history for being the site of the famed Ame Pfren's first kill as an Island Ranger - the infamous Ram Rex cannibal known as the Greenwell Mangrove Monster.


The ancient mangrove sits atop the remnants of what was once a rocky river delta or shallow cove which has since become frozen in place by the reach of tree roots. Greenwell was not always an estuary, as it is in present day. The bottom is silty with years of erosion washed down from the nearby low mountains where the adjoining freshwater tributaries originate, but the small, sandy islands are relatively stable due to an underlying petrified coral layer.


Greenwell teems with fish which subside on the fruits and cast-offs of the mangroves towering over the shallow waters. In addition to fruit-bearing mangrove trees, however, the Greenwell Mangrove also plays host to a small population of Sage Meantwigs which can prove troublesome to unwary travellers. A small minority of these meantwigs has aquired a taste for Rostran and Ovinex flesh as a result of the Greenwell Mangrove Monster's personal intervention, though most are scavengers and are safe to be around if left unmolested.


Though the Greenwell Mangrove monster was famously killed by Ame Pfren and his partners in the year 9964 AR, rumors persist that the region is somehow seductive to ram rex as a result of some sort of supernatural force related to him. Normally, ram rex are not known to put stock in the celebrity of personages or the places in which they once resided, as this would require a degree of social awareness that most ram rex simply can't muster, so parasocial reverence is considered an unlikely cause of this phenomena. Nevertheless, it is true that ram rex are found in and around Greenwell with greater frequency than other places. The local superstition among Native Ovinex is that, because the Monster was killed in a violent confrontation and not allowed to follow the natural course of ram rex - death by exposure or disease when their luck runs out - his ghost still haunts the woods and beckons to those of similar violence and limited intellect.


Greenwell is a popular destination for Rostran sportsmen, photographers, and adventurers familiar with the place's history. Because of what Ame Phren and his late Gam Pfa'a master accomplished in the mangrove, Greenwell has become inextricably bound to the mythology of that martial art among practitioners and, therefore, attracts 'pilgrims.'   Occasionally, an Esotericist hierophant will come to Greenwell to forge ritual sigils and make offerings in propitiation of the Monster's and his victims' spirits. These ritual circles are made in the name of Ixaumosana, for the Lady of the Sea keeps and looks after those lost in the water.

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