Third Expeditionary Camp

The Third Expeditionary Camp is a part of the Shār that is wrapped in local myth, folklore, and superstition. Despite all the modern accounts about the camp insisting that it has been at least many thousands of years since it was established, these accounts also agree the camp is still perfectly intact. Many accounts go on to say the area appears as it would have the very night the "Third Expedition" would have struck camp with the sole exception of the missing people.   While there is little controversy over whether the camp existed at one point or another in the distant past, skeptics assert that it is physically impossible for the camp to have survived intact through the years. Most of it would have been returned to nature, they argued, or at the very least it would have degraded to a dramatic extent. Believers, however, assert that the camp is under some form of enchantment or curse, most often the latter, that has preserved against the interminable passage of the seasons.   This debate would have been easily settled were the location of the camp well-known but despite general agreement among the stories about where the "Third Expedition" struck camp, attempts to find the original camp ground have been fruitless so far. For that matter, it is unknown which "Third Expedition" the camp came from as there have been many notable "Third Expeditions" sent into the Shār by various factions and nations, which only serves to confuse attempts to determine where the camp may exist. Furthermore, the stories suggest that the camp has a mind of its own and that it does not exist at any fixed point within the forest, instead moving through the jungle with no rhyme or reason.   The stories warn any unlucky travelers who happen upon the camp to stay well away. The ignorant and foolhardy unwise enough to stay the night in the camp are said to become one of its invisible inhabitants, soul trapped for eternity within the confines of the camp, much like its original denizens.


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