Many have said that the stories about Hybrasil have a link to the old Arthurian legends, particularily The Once and Future King.   The placement of Hybrasil or Hy-Brasil is hotly contended by historians and philosophers. Cartographers have tried to locate the island with no luck. The myths surrounding Hybrasil state that the island is shrouded in mist at all times except for one day every seven years when it becomes visible yet still unreachable.   In more recent times there are rumours of the island appearing out of the mists during a full moon on the Summer Solstice. There have even been a few who have said they landed on the fabled isle. They claim to not have stayed more than an hour because the sounds from the island "freaked them out". They have reported odd chanting in a language they have never before heard. In fact, they even compared it to the language of those inflicted by Magicus Imperious. These stories seem to be embellished as those speaking were usually deep in their cups at the time of telling their tale.   If these tales are to be believed, this is an island for weary souls looking for an escape. Either that or maybe there could be an influx of those who are capable of using magic more in tune with the ancient world. For if this is the land of the Lady of the Lake, that could mean the return of King Arthur. Not to mention there may be a number of lost artifacts on the island.

Historical Basis

During the times of the old Celtic tribes the stories of Hybrasil and Avalon have been linked. Though many have never been to either of the fabled Isles, the stories speak of those who venture to either rarely return. Those who do return are not the same as when they left.   The Island of Avalon has been claimed to be the home of the female branch of the Druids. They train there as well as hold their most sacred rites on the isle. During the legends of Arthur it is said that his coronation night was held there on Beltaine. With the Beltaine Ritual as part of the coronation, tying the King to the Land, he needed to consumate the union with one of the priestesses. The chosen one was bribed by Morgane to switch places.   It is said that only those who are worthy may reach the Isle of Hybrasil. When it is seen through the mists it has been noted to have buildings and towns. The inhabitants are rarely seen and when they are it is reported they are young, nubile women; whose voices carry accross the waves to reach the ears of sailors.   Another legendary landmass which has been associated with Hybrasil is Atlantis. Since in some stories the Druids originated on Atlantis before its sinking. This is part of the fascination of Atlantis, Avalon, and Hybrasil; their apparent interconnectivity. With every new twist discovered regarding all the legends around the three they become more and more unclear as separate myths.


There have not been an abundance of stories regarding Hybrasil. The stories that have circulated have been chalked up as nothing more than superstitious tales of sailors. Every expedition that made the attempt to locate Hybrasil in the past have returned empty handed.

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