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Irthokrii Borehole Cave

"Once, young ones, dragons roamed the world
They were goliaths, titans to rival the Horrors
A sickness came to the dragons after centuries of peace
It killed the dragons mercilessly, the women, the children, the old, sparing no one
After several years, the dragon Irthokrii had enough
He found a hole in the ground and dug and dug and dug
He dug for over 100 years, digging for hundreds of feet
He dug through stone and metal and dirt and created a huge tunnel
It was incredible.
He took the dragons with him, and they escaped to the land below
There, they were safe from the sickness, and they lived.
They still live there to this day.
We can still see where Irthokrii dug his borehole.
It is a magnificent sight.
You can't get to the bottom, but legend says it goes all the way to the Land Under"
The Borehole of Dragons as told by Elder Alderwood of the Dawn Fires. 


There is a massive cavernous cave located near the border between Eastern and Western Forest of Grien, closer to the southern border. It is extremely cleanly made in shape, and even has noticeable markings that are reminiscent of claw marks on the walls. It is rumored that these were created by the ancient dragon Irthokrii in an attempt to save his people.

It is believed that long before recorded history, a plague struck the mythological beings known as dragons, and in an attempt to save his race, Irthokrii dug a tunnel to the Deep Dark. It is said that he dug for over a century, and eventually brought himself and his nation below the earth for their safety.

Historical Basis

The main support of this idea is the presence of the huge cave. It seems almost too perfect to be natural, circular in shape and even with claw marks along the walls where Irthokrii was rumored to have scraped the earth away to open the tunnel.


It is much more heavily spread within the Forest of Grien region of the world, as they live nearest to the borehole, but images, drawings, and descriptions are widely passed around both casually and in the academic world.

In Literature

It is not very commonly depicted in literature beyond the occasional story or poetry, and is much more commonly found depicted in art.

In Art

The Irthokrii Borehole Cave is very commonly depicted in art. One famous piece is a tapestry hung in a museum that is a whopping 10ft tall by 6ft long that depicts Irthokrii exhaustedly scraping away at the entrance of the borehole while a massive shadow looms behind him. It is also very commonly depicted in academic media and often drawn and pictured.
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