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After days of relentless climbing, you have reached the peak of Mount Anethar. You breathe a sigh of relief. Your arms and legs are shaking. You don't know if it is from the cold or the intense work it took to get here. You spot what you are looking for quickly and easily, as it is the only part of the peak that isn't bright white. You enter a huge cavernous space that towers above you. It is so huge you don't even know how it fits within the mountain. In the middle of it, though, is what you came here for. You see the huge, icy body of Gareth, the lord of your kingdom. He slowly awakens, his scales sliding over each other as he slowly slides his head into your face. His head is the size of your whole body. His freezing breath washes over you, smelling of berries. "Congratulations", you hear in a smooth, deep voice. Happiness floods through you as his mouth slowly peels back into a grin.
Year of Birth
232 AL 761 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
He was created by a young horror after it saw the dragons of the other worlds and wanted one of its own.
Massive, abyssal black, squinty
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White scales approx. 6 in. in size each
20' long and 80' long
50,000 lbs
Ruled Locations


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