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Continent of the Frozen Wasteland


The southern part of the Winter lands is full of massive sprawling mountains. The biggest is Mount Anethar, which is where Lord Gareth lives. The terrain varies extremely, but one common factor is that it is all freezing. There is very little liquid water there, as it is rarely above freezing. The northern area is full of a massive wintry forest.

Fauna & Flora

The plants here are many pine and burnsley trees, many varying bushes, and even some ice flowers, martz berries, and anjo granules. As for animals, there are white hares, Arctic Srirs, Baatbears, Dragonlings, ice golems, ice orcs, Wareokkuts, and Grouk.

Natural Resources

The main exports are as such; wood, as the Burnsley trees make beautiful, fireproof wood and pine is very good to burn; Ice flowers, as the fact they are always freezing makes them useful to keep things cold; hide of many different animals; and minerals, which include ice crystals, iron, metal, etc.


This area was created when the Horrors decided that it was not cold enough in the world and wanted to make colder areas in 104 AL. However, they weren't careful and touched it too heavily with cold and the entire area is now a frozen wasteland. It was originally a moderate temperature mountain range inhabited by humans and many farmland animals. All of them either left or died when it froze. It was free of creatures without scales or fur after 15 years.


Very few creatures visit this continent due to it's frozen climate. The only creatures who come here are either dragonlings, creatures with a thick coat of fur, or creatures with very heavy clothing. People usually visit here to triumph climbing Mount Anethar, or to collect some rare plants from the forest. Some towns, such as Zalfari, have tourist friendly locations. These are inns and taverns are magically kept warm so outsiders can remove their coats and rest for a night. Any others are there to cross over into The Fortune Lands.
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Winter Lands
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