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The Ganagrave Tundra


This town is the northernmost town in the entire world. It is located in the most bitterly cold northern reaches of the Frozen Wasteland, and so all of the civilians are toughened by winter. Unlike Zalfari, who welcome tourists and have many accommodations for them, the Gravian Tundrans are not welcoming of newcomers, and not many people can make the journey to get there easily. The races here include Dragonling (28%), Ice Golems (22%), Ice Orcs (26%), Arctic Srirlings (20%), and others (4%). The population is mostly distributed among hunters, builders, gatherers, and nobles.


This town has a hierarchal power structure. At the top are the strongest and most powerful warriors, and usually those who have lived the longest. They are in charge of assigning jobs and maintaining order in the town. It goes down further and further until you get to the bottom. At the bottom are those who are weak or small. These people are not shunned, but are given menial, difficult tasks. Surprisingly, children rank really high in this system, and they are protected at all costs, as one can not become strong unless they grow up. The ones near the top are usually strong fighters who can either be benevolent helpers or malicious creatures who can bring destruction. Hunters are responsible for distributing food so everyone can have it. For water, it is typical to melt snow do to the lack of rainfall or lakes.


This town does not have too many defenses. This is because Ganagrave is almost never attacked. It has the natural defenses created by the climate. It is immensely cold in this region, to a point that barely anyone is willing to make a trip. When they trade, they are the ones who leave town as merchants. Their town is so isolated that they need very little defense.


This town has built many things, such as many incredibly efficient roads, furnaces designed to melt huge amounts of snow at a time, a huge shipyard and many boats, a heated nursery for children, and many homes.


When this town was first created, it was a fishing town that was mainly inhabited by wolves, rabbits, and humans. Then, the frozen wasteland was frozen over. At his point, almost every single person in this town died off. Only two years after this, there were only ten people left alive in this town. This town was almost dead, and was even considered a ruin until 362 AL. At this point, people started moving in, as this town was still in a great location. This town got back to it's full, massive power.


The houses in this town typically have four walls and are built somewhat below ground. This is to preserve as much warmth as possible. They typically adorn their homes with torches and furnaces to retain warmth. They are built out of wood from burnsely trees, which make them fireproof and good at retaining heat. The roofs were often made from woven sticks, in a draped mat style. These always had at least one hole in the top to allow smoke to escape.


This large town is located by an ocean, and next to a forest of pine and burnsley trees. The ocean is bitterly cold, and icebergs float through it. It is located within a small valley, and the town is surrounded by farmlands. The terrain is beautiful in a rigid, cold way.
Founding Date
362 AL
Large town
Inhabitant Demonym
Gravian Tundrans


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