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You stumble through the snow, walking around blindly. You are glad that you are light enough to not break through the icy crust of the snow. Your paws patter against the ice as you walk forward. You feel a spark of hope igniting within you as you see a huge stone wall appear in front of you. You draw on the last reserves of your energy, pushing yourself forward against the wind. You just manage to reach the doors. You gasp at the two huge guards, "Please let me in, I've been travelling for days!" The first guard silently reaches far above your head to pull open the stone doors. You sigh in relief as you finally enter the town of Zalfari.


Dragonlings (42%), Dragonborn (14%), White Hares (15%), Snowfox (23%), Ice Orcs (1%), Ice Golems, (.01%), Other (4.99%). Homeless (.1%), Lower Class (24.9%), Middle Class (72%), Upper class (3%).


The settlement is technically run by Gareth, as is the entire continent. This town is ruled over by Rolka, a white dragonling noble. She is a powerful ruler and works hard to keep the town running. Below her are the leaders of each branch of the town. These branches are tourism, guarding, agriculture, hunting, building, creating, and the markets. They keep this up by collecting a tax of items. Since this town operates primarily by trade rather than money, they collect a small amount of the items they need.


This settlement is surrounded by a tall, stone wall. There are doors around the entire perimeter that are loosely guarded. These walls mostly serve to keep out predators.

Industry & Trade

This town is a farming and tourist town. They rely primarily on imports and exports. They export food, pelts, weapons, armor, warmth magic, and many other things.


These intelligent creatures found a way to use magic to keep their insides of the buildings warm. They have also found a way to farm some non local crops using a combination of various spells.


This town is reasonably small, and so doesn't have a remarkable amount of businesses. It has a tavern called the battling baatbear, a blacksmith called the battle master, an alchemist called the mad illithid, an enchanter called the scar maxim, a market called the winter market, and a general store called Giselle's gearworks.


When this town started, it was a warmer town inhabited mostly by humans and elves, until it was frozen by a Horror. Then, all the humans and elves either ran or froze. Then, many creatures that could survive the winter evolved and were gifted sentience. They decided to form this town under Gareth, when he was created. They slowly created the town, changing and evolving it as challenged arose. Since it has been around for a very long time, it has had a huge amount of time to change.


People come here mostly for two reasons. Some come to triumph over Mount Anethar, as they have heard the tales that Gareth hands out treasure to all those who reach the summit. Others come here to buy or sell a massive variety of goods in the market. The market is the only place in this town gold, silver, and copper are still used.


This town is built to be powerful and easily defended. Most buildings are built out of Burnsley wood, painted even darker than it already is. The roofs of these buildings are painted in white and light blue, designed to be camouflaged from above.


This town is located at the base of the tallest mountain on the continent, Mount Anethar. It is mostly located in the valley at the base of the mountain, but a few homes stretch up onto the mountains. From the town, you can look look up at the mountain. On a clear day, you can see the peak stretch as far as the eyes can see.

Natural Resources

The most frequent natural resources are wood from the nearby woods, pelts from various animals, food from local farms, ice flowers, and similar things,
Founding Date
247 AL
Inhabitant Demonym


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