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You grumble under your breath, annoyed. Your teacher, standing in the middle of the flower ring, has been going on about this art piece for hours. You signed up to this class to draw, not to hear about "Soaring through almighty clouds" for days. The dragons aren't even that good! It's so stylized that you can barely tell what's going on in it. You nudge your friend who is dozing off on the clover scented pillow next to you, jolting him into wakefulness. Can't blame him, it's so boring. You subtly push over a drawing you've been working on for a while, a doodle of a huge dragon, towering over a building, breathing clouds shaped like cubes into the air. It's way better than Soaring through almighty clouds, you think.  "Everyone knows that they're way bigger than that," your friend points out. "Yeah, I know, but by the time it got this far it was too late!"  You sigh deeply, wondering when you'll actually do anything interesting.


This myth centers around dragons. Dragons are believed to have existed on this planet for all of history, but they have not been seen on their old scale for years. The only dragons that are still seen here are only a few feet long at max, pseudodragons, as well as the races which have strong draconic ancestry. Historians believe that this was the average size of a newborn of another species. There is, however, a myth that the dragons are still around, buried in the deep dark, or hiding in castles floating high in the sky.

Historical Basis

People believe that dragons must have been more frequent due to the presence of skeletons that strongly suggest huge, winged reptilians once wandered the earth. As well as this, Gareth is still around, and he is a dragon of enormous size. Many earthquakes have been chalked up to the moving of huge behemoths in the Deep Dark, and mysterious shadows and gusts of wind to their immense wings blocking the sun.


Many have heard this myth frequently from childhood on, as it is very popular in stories. It is the focus of many stories and artworks, and just about everyone has heard it. Whether people believe it is another story.

Variations & Mutation

There are many varieties to this myth. Some believe that dragons like Gareth are the only type, while others believe that they come in all shapes and sizes. Some believe that the dragons were wiped out by the horrors, while some think they still flourish in lost regions. Some more far off thinkers believe that dragons are simply baby horrors, or puppets of the horrors. Due to the lack of recent proof, the variations on this myth are as endless as can be, and it seems that there is a new story for everyone who hears it.

Cultural Reception

In the frozen wasteland especially, this is a very important myth. They are ruled by the only known dragon still alive, and so many either completely reject it, claiming Gareth is the one and only, or completely embrace it claiming that since he exists there must be more.

In Literature

There are many tales centering around dragons. Some famous ones include "The Great Tails," a collection of many stories for children, many centering around dragons. Especially in areas like Dreanesia, dreaming of flight is wonderous. Another is "Dragons of History," a book centering primarily around Gareth but heavily referencing many others rumored to exist as well of the proof that they exist.

In Art

This is again, popular to make art of, but much less so than literature. On popular piece is "Soaring through almighty clouds," a piece by an aspiring artist from the fortune lands which depicts dragons with fairy wings soaring high above the land, breathing out massive spirals of highly stylized clouds. It has become so popular that it is one of the main depictions to describe dragons in the fortune lands and much of the world.
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