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Ice Flowers

Basic Information


A small flower with a similar shape to a tulip. Its leaves are very thin, transparent in light, and freezing to the touch. They are cold no matter the surroundings. Its stem is sturdy, and light teal green in color.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduces via dispelling its seeds in the wind to fall and be planted somewhere.

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow from a small sprout, and only bloom in the final stage of their life. This takes approximately six months.

Ecology and Habitats

They can only grow in very cold climates and so usually end up growing in wasteland, but some have had moderate success in growing it in the northern reaches of Ocharial.

Dietary Needs and Habits

These plants consume the nutrients in the earth. They have long, strong roots that can dig through as much snow as is needed to reach nutrition.

Biological Cycle

They grow best in the winter years, and tend to bloom easily and quickly when in a freezing area.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

No real senses, but it can tell when it is being cut, and becomes more transparent in warmer weather
Conservation Status
Being among the only flowers that exist in the Frozen Wasteland, they are very prevalent. Some decide to grow it to ensure its survival and sell it.
Geographic Distribution


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