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The truthteller

The oldest trees in The Quiet go along the path to the old cemetery. They were planted by our ancestors when they thought it would be used for generations. The path is lost now, nobody needs it.

Unless you are desperate or brave enough to meet the Truthteller. You'll find her there, walking around the tombs, and she'll give you one answer if you dare to ask the question.

But there is a price.

According to the legend, a female spirit lives in the Old Siourma grove.   If a single person ask her a question, she will answer with the truth. If several people enter the grove to ask about the same thing, she won’t show up. If they have differnt questions, only one of the answers will be true and how would they know who got a lie an who got a truth?   Those are the Truthteller’s rules. They say those who follow them, will never be seen again, but they will get their answer.
Other versions talk about leaving an offer in certain days, making the right sounds or keeping totally quiet, or befriending the old ghosts for protection from her. A few of the claims to have seen her and live to enjoy their answers, but they are accused of lying or it's assumed that they broke the rules.
Alternative Name(s)
Truthteller Spirit
Witch of the grove
Date of First Recording
Year 689 Co
Date of Setting
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Facts & Rumors

Emalne, Community's historian
This is the most recent myth related to the Grove. It started around 689 Co, probably due to the disappearances of a school boy and five tourists in less than two years.
While four of the foreigners were last seen in their way to the grove or already in there, that’s not the case of the other tourist, and there are only rumors about the boy being interested in the old cemetery.
Similar events had occurred on other times, but never so often.

Statement of an unidentified foreseer
Some say she’s just a woman who lost her mind or her way.
Others suspect that she is a percipient working as an answers' seller to earn a living.
Most people think that it's a lie that all of them vanish immediately. Who would tell the story if those involved are gone?
They are all partially right.

Text written in an Auburn Folio
”The spirit only gives one true answer each time,” the man warns.
“I know,.” the boy answers.
“If we both ask, she could lie to one of us”.
“She definitely will.”
“And that doesn’t bother you?” the man asks, annoyed.
“No. She’ll tell me the truth.”
The boy is right. He has the right eyes.

Statement of a foreigner settled in Siourma
Yes, I did talk with the witch, and I can tell you she’s not a spirit. She told me a truth, though.
That truth helped me to build the life I have now.

As for missing people… I wouldn’t worry about that.

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