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Dragon's Breath

Sleeping Dragon of the Mountain

Written by RiverFang

On the horizon, one can see the turned back of a sleeping Mithril Dragon, tendrils of vapor rising from its nostrils as it sleeps peacfully in the cool winter air. Against the ice-blue morning, its opalescent scales gleam, a warning wrapped in the dark colors of the Dragon Pines that top the surrounding Spine of Kallex. No one dares wander close, afraid to wake the sleeping giant, a Dragon larger than any has ever seen.   Few wish to bother an astral Dragon that is awake, let alone one that is deep in slumber. Only on colder days does the Mithril Dragon claim his mountaintop, slumbering in a nest of Dragon Pines, curled tight like a cat. For those that have never seen such a sight, it is magical and feaful and so many other emotions. So few will ever be this close to one of the Metallic Dragons, and that proximity so often strikes fear into people's hearts.   Those that live in the shadow of Mithril Peak know that the form of the sleeping dragon with its warm breath is nothing more than that heat of the mountain wafting through the cool morning air. No Dragon perches atop the mountain, deeply asleep with breath like wisps of smoke. For newcomers and travelers, it is a fearful and majestic sight, one shrouded in myth, but it is nothing more than the opalescent mountain against the cold sky.

Cultural Reception

Due to where the myth is commonly heard, only the Outlanders take part in the telling and sharing of the story. Many of these people make their homes in the Spine of Kallex or at the range's base, assisting travelers and others that may wish to cross the mountains.

In Art

Depictions of the sleeping Dragon in art has become more common in recent years. Often, this images are found painted on the outside of the Wapiti Tents used by the Outlanders to mark villages that are in the shadow of Mithril Peak or clans that travel over the Spine of Kallex in that area.   Some Outlander clans have taken to fashioning beads or other souvenier type goods that represent the sleeping Dragon as many travelers often wish to take home a gift as they share stories of how they survived the Dragon of Mithril Peak.
Date of First Recording
Throughout history
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Due to the color of Mithril Peak and how the mountain seems to steam in the cold air, many believe that the mountain is actually a sleeping Mithril Dragon perched atop the mountain. This gives many people pause and many tend to avoid the area on colder days.  


This myth is common throughout the Spine of Kallex, but is also known in areas of the Elven Forest that can see Mithril Peak.


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