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The origin of Fals - Usluds Fang

The Sévo Mountains that form the most part of the northern and eastern border of the Confederation of Tarrabaenia are well known for their interesting landscape features. One of the states, Tebrina, of the Confederation has extended its sphere of influence across the mountain range. Within this stretch of the Sévo Mountains lies the Fals about which the Tebrinans tell the following story:
A long time ago, there was only one mountain range on Erana and that is the one that divides Erana in east and west. That was the time, when the gods and their offspring still lived on Samthô and they where kings and queens, dukes and duchesses, princes and princesses, counts and countesses of the Luak and Joun. Five brothers were among them, one who liked wolves, one who liked eagles, one who liked sabretooth cats, one who liked bears and one who liked dragons. Yet they did not like one another and where constantly at war. They sent their beasts at each other incessantly and all the bones of the animals that died they threw into the Grey Sea, creating the shallows and skerries that make these waters almost unnavigable.
One day the one that liked wolves said: "I have had enough of this! I will go and create the mightiest wolf that has ever lived and crush you!" The second said: "I will not let that happen. I shall create the swiftest eagle and hunt your creatures down!" Then came the third, saying: "I will create the stoutest sabretooth cat and thwart you and your plans!" Then came the fourth and said: "Weep you will as I set forth and create the largest bear to overthrow you!" The last, incented by their bragging declared: "I will create the fiercest dragon, to tear you all to shreds!"
So they all went on and twisted their creatures into beasts of war: Norrok the wolf, Sherban the eagle, Uslud the sabretooth cat, Korma the bear and Iparli the dragon. But the five overestimated their control over the monsters they created and soon everything fell into chaos. In the end they all lay dead and while the five brothers just went to waste, their five mighty beasts' bones became the five mountain ranges on the eastern part of Erana. Of these Usluds bones formed the Sévo Mountains and Fals, its highest mountain with its sickle shape was formed by one of his fangs. What became of the second is a mystery to this very day.


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