The Cradling of the Gods

The Kingdom of Etha, in its own long view the bastion of and maintainer of order among the tide of chaos, was historically protected from external forces via geographic landmarks. At first in Tyro and by the surrounding waters, then just the Ethaine Mountains, and then the geography of the land protected the fledgling kingdom from the coursing barbarian tribes.  


Tyro, an island, has always been the capital of the Ethain kingdom. Secured by a natural moat, it has always been safe from continental threats. The only serious threat that Tyro has ever faced is attack from the sea, and potential starvation, by Nivagrans and Lorundans.

The Ethaine Mountains

The Ethaine mountains were always viewed as a boundary in the earliest days of the Ethain kingdom, separating the civilization and order of the south and the chaos and barbarous of the north. For this purpose, the mountains were viewed as having been placed by the gods so that order might grow on the planet as it reigns in the heavens. It was when the Ethains finally moved past this mountain range, when they overcame this first cradle, that they came upon the geographic boundaries and blessings of what would be the medieval borders of the kingdom.  

The Aroen to the Ogliar Mountains

Stretching out past their first cradles, the Ethain kingdom would come to rest squarely at the center of the Ethanga landmass. Bounded by the The Ethanga Inland Sea in the south below Tyro, Provune and the Aroen in the west, the Batic Sea in the north, and the Ogliar Mountains in the eat, this homely land would be the extent of the kingdom's territory for the better part of a millennium, until the Ethain state was prepared to grow beyond these borders.  


  At last, the great Ethain kingdom would come to occupy all of Ethanga. As Tyro was a great city surrounded by a protective moat, so too would Ethanga become a great continent, surrounded by its protective waters.


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