The Protective Ones

The Shielding Forest there so many stories about the forest, from the reasons it there to the Protective Ones who live within in it. They supposely living intelligent plant like creatures, supposely be able to hide as trees and brushes when they don't want to be see, or maybe spiritual creatures that inhabit forest plants to deal with intruders under its canopy.   There been many suppose encounters with the Protective One Spirits, and nearly every single story describes them differently from walking trees to humanoid looking creatures with leaves instead of hair and wrap in natural looking clothes. From beastial violent reaction to peaceful requests to leave the area. Every single one believes what they see is a true Protective One, but who knows if they all the same or if they are different beings living within the force.   The Gods supposely created the Protective ones to guard the western edge of their peoples land so nothing could follow them and would protect the windswept plane. Also to prevent the children of the gods to past back eastwards so to protect them from putting themselves at risk against the shadows that reach out from the Jungles and Mountains of the western continent. They are the eternal protectors and standing guards of the forest, and none pass though without they agreement.   Many from other worlds say they just dryads and nymphs that can be found in their own worlds, but the Bavan Natives say they not creatures of the fae or shadowfell but are divine protective creatures of the gods. No one really knows for sure thouyh. But what every caused them to flee to the eastern continent as never followed them and maybe thats because of those guardians in the forest.   There many pieces of artwork depicting the Protective ones in both the more scary forms and those of the humanoid looking takes within paintings, drawings and sculptors. Some of the more nature loving families like those of that align themselves with The Heart of the Forest dedicate certain days in praise of they distance guardians that keep themselves.


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