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Fatal Forest

Summer Camp 2021


by Mir Najeep Mengel on Unspalsh
The forest is said to hold a cursed enchantment that is supposed to make you slowly get burned until there’s nothing left but bones on the grassy, ground floor.


Its known in some locations particularly in the north. Parents tell their children this as a safety precaution and this works most of the time. There are some remaining storytellers that pass this on to children and they try to tell the myth as just a story and nothing else. Those that do end up hearing them that way, are fascinated but know not to go anywhere near the place.

Variations & Mutation

The myth started as a spirit reaching out of the ground and pulling you down to your death then it transformed into a certain animal waiting for you to enter and ripping you apart. It later became the myth that some people know today. The myth was first told by a famous storyteller that goes by the name of Lyeush.

Cultural Reception

People refuse to go anywhere near the place. Children are told to stay away from the forest and only the very brave are daring enough to check. They don’t consider it important to their identity. There is a certain culture that considers this myth to be important.   
I hope my children listen to this myth. I don’t want to lose them. Not after what happened to my brother -Random citizen 

In Literature

There’s a small collection of the many myths that are told by the Cédai. The book is popular among the lower class. They find it a nice read for a nice, cozy read.
Date of First Recording
123 DW
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Cover image: by SnapWireSnaps on Pixabay


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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
2 Jul, 2021 04:08

Quite a nasty curse in theory. Maybe it is beneficial to some that may even have invented the myth to not be bothered in the forest. Mysteryyyyy...   Happy SummerCamp !

2 Jul, 2021 04:22

Thanks. I’m glad you liked it

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