Kynath of the Deep


Kynath of the Deep is the mythical ruler of the The Verdant Ocean and the chosen deity of the people of the Kynath Archipelago. Taking the form of a giant, iron-scaled sea serpent, he is said to sleep beneath the Kynath archipelago, waiting for the right moment to emerge again.

Historical Basis

Kynath is believed to have been the cause of The Drowning Wave which turned the fertile southern plains of Vanelle into the Sunken Fields we now know and devastating the once burgeoning town of Rille.   He has been worshipped by the people of the Kynath Archipelago for millennia, and if their tales are anything to go by, he appeared to and communed with them on a not infrequent basis during the Ancient Era, in the days before the Exodus of the Gods.


Considered part of the Vanellian pantheon, there is no doubt among te people of Vanelle that he once existed, even in communities separated from the ocean. However, the further from the Exodus time travels, the further away from everyday reality these once everyday figures move. However, this is perhaps less the case with Kynath than other examples of his kind due to his ongoing worship in the Kynath Archipelago where he is still very much a part of the everyday.


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3 Aug, 2021 21:28

What a terrifying but fascinating myth. I would definitely be scared he could rise again and cause another great wave if I lived on the archipelago.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet