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The Crashed Capitol Ship of Lorel

On the 20th anniversary of the construction of the High Church of the Drill on the planet Lorel, a Capitol ship constructed from some of the finest technologies of the era was flown in Space above the factory. It's purpose was to celebrate the advanced into Drillspace Technologies, as well as to function as a beacon of the Terran Empire's extravagance.   Seen as but a light in the sky to observers on the ground, the ship faced immediate peril. As the ship made to begin course navigation, the Scream hit. The navigator was struck down by the Galaxy-Wide Phenomena, driving the capitol ship into an entry path with the planet.   While this event was seen by some in the Church as a prophecy (A Star in the sky guiding them towards a new mission - The impact signifying that all should land on Lorel, and repent their drives to it's wastes), the location of the ship has never been confirmed. It is firmly believed by some that it is somewhere within the mountains of Celeng, as they are the only parts of the planet that have been a struggle to explore.   Arial scans have been ineffective, as the ship was designed to be cloaked - so any active systems or metal components would have been blended with their environment's signiature. The only method to try and locate it appears to be manual discovery.   Scholars have pointed out that the ship would likely have been decimated upon impact, however believers of the ship believe that the Drill itself will have spared the ship, or that the on-board inertial dampeners somehow slowed it enough to land hard - "Only" killing the crew aboard.   Whatever the case is, having been 500 years, the vessel was believed to have been burried - and now to have likely it's own small forrest growing overtop.

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