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Tharsir Sirulum

A mythical lake on a floating island in the Mystic tides. It is said that any object submerged into the lake gains something from the lake. Some believe that said item can gain sapience and others believe that it makes the objects indestructible. So know it can change even life.   A man in a heavy cloak sits in the inn speaking to a young couple, they seem to be paying him a polite level of attention, but only just as they are on their honeymoon.   'What everyone knows is that you do not let the water get on you. The tales vary from each telling, from growing limbs and other bits, all the way up to it stealing your soul and leaving you a dark husk that will destroy and corrupt anything you come in contact with. What truly happens it a bit up to chance. There is a fey spirit that lives in the waters of the lake and decides what happens to any given thing in its lake.    This lake is actually named for the fey that inhabits the lake although this knowledge has long been lost. Bringing a favorable offering will help you recieve an favorable boon rather you bring an item or expose yourself to the waters. One lucky fool of a knight brought his wife with him and to enchant a suit of armor, and as he was lowering the suit in with, his wife fell. His armor arose with a mighty gift but his wife was gone. The poor knight was besought by grief, for a night and a day he wept and as night fell the next day he donned the plate armor and dove in to seek his love beyond. It is said that the spirit keeps them in its realm, Heartened by the love of the knight for his wife that he would seek her even unto seeming death.    The armor arose from the lake without knight or his wife. It was changed, where once was a fine suit of plate and chain, now stood a sealed suit with no obvious gaps other than the eye slots. The armor was respondent is a rose gold now and carried a new engraved version of the heraldry of the knight with his and his wife's names emblazoned around it like an embrace with Tharsir Sirulum boldly placed under.    The armor sought to protect that which was good and noble and loving, for love in life is a fleeting flower and should be allowed to flourish.'   'But what were the knight and wives names?' the lady asks. 'Well what does it matter? They are gone or beyond reach so what does it matter?' the man says. 'Well I am off I have far to go and not long to make it, you take care of her young man.' the man says and standing from the table. he leaves.   In the morning the couple heads out as they are taking a trip. Some time down the way the couple comes across signs of a running battle. Bandits must have attacked someone as they move in the se what remains of a tattered cloak surrounded by several bodies. further up the way the fighting continues and the couple sees a knight in rose gold armor fighting many bandits, though they are being quickly whittled down by the surreal strength and skills of the knight.    The knight would not allow them to flee something about him beaconed them forward to his blade. As the last of them fell the knight turned and returned to where he dropped the cloak, never noticing the young observers. It was the man from before. They recognized him from the story as well seamless armor of rose gold yet it bore no marks from the battle. 

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