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Mystic tides

A swath of the ocean of the northern hemisphere of Orgranys that has caught much of the concentrated magic fluid run off coming from the Chenga Mountains. Strange mutations have appeared since the run off some benign such as the Acanilan Draft some are far more dangerous. The region has become a hot bed of rumors.


Small islands dot the reef, some of which have become detached from the sea bed. These floating islands move with the tides. Some of these islands are large enough to support settlements of reasonable size.


Tropical in an unnatural manner. Even islands Far to the north have tropical environments. The coral is much hardier than is to be expected in the region. The reef supports many species of aquatic life, from ,crustacean, fish, and squid all the way up to merfolk and other aquatic sentients. Many species have developed magical mutations that have improved their capabilities.

Ecosystem Cycles

As the Mystic tide disperses around the ocean the effects on the area weakens. The largest cyclic changes occur among migratorily animals.

Localized Phenomena

Intense wild magic, Strange storms that pull the mystic tides into the air, although limited tidal forces due to the prolific coral reef.

Fauna & Flora

Flora in the mystic tides is much more prolific and vibrant. They have some interesting properties  that are only recently being discovered due to the dangers of the region. The Fauna has developed increased size, strength, speed, and some magical abilities that are related to their original abilities largely, such as squid that can maintain their camouflaged while moving and their ink sticks near permanently and glows.

Natural Resources

Lots of limestone, salt, and some unique plants that almost exclusively grow on in the region.


Until the colonization of Orgranys began, it was a common reef system although the local life was beginning to dwindle. When the Druids and Geomancers succeeded in restarting the core, the processes that were happening stopped, and all the accumulated magic began to be rereleased into the environment. This began the mystic tides.


While a beautiful place, it is rare for anyone to set foot in the islands that are in the mystic tides. The merfolk and other sentient aquatic species try to spend limited time in the open water due to the mutagenic properties.
Coral Reef, Platform

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