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The Creatures of Dragon Eye Lake {WASC 2021}

The Myth

Mysterious occurrences have created quite the mythology on the argentum trick island of the tray Linea's archipelago. The faith of the five dragons teach that argentum trips the Dragon when forming the saga dorm globe became the archipelago. Arjun trick is the head and all of the others fell behind.   These fallen dragons roared with jealousy as they attacked Arjun trick, trying to regain their footing as the superior Dragon. They all came to battle Arjun trick to establish dominance over all dragons. In that battle Arjun trick one but in the process lost his giant silver horn and one of his eyes.   Wounded and not wishing to remain in the form of dragons when the others head now become mere cores of themselves are Jen church slowly formed into the globe Sagadorm. The elements from the dragons became a part of this new world. However, I Jen trick was still wounded severely. When he transformed into the globe and his face became that the one of tray Linea's, his broken horn became the volcano where it has never stopped producing magma. His eye, now missing and only an empty shell of a socket filled with his tears and after the transformation the cheers formed a lake in the middle of the island.   The volcano and the lake serve as important landmarks within the faith of the five dragons. It is believed that Vola, the first ferry, was drawn to this island after her escape from slavery and the liberation of her village.   Due to the sacred nature of the volcano and the lake, very few go upon its waters or climes it's ridges. This allowed the local fort flora and fauna to be able to develop with out much interference from the inhabitants of the island. This volcano remains the epicenter of all energy being drawn from across the globe. As the volcano across the world is where all of the magic exudes from the remains of urgent trick.   Strange animals are believed to Roma the hillsides and the forests and even the lake itself changed from their natural forms due to the influx of magical energies streaming down and threw them into's shaping them as some other form.   Details to be determined.          

The Reality

TBD :)  

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