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Sacred Land Scar: Blasted Peak

Remnants of destruction

Our Miyu took a direct blast from Qur, straight through the chest, and she was fine. The mountain behind her? Less fine.
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— Godly Comparisons
  In the western mountains of Hansun, there is a certain tall, rocky peak, with a massive semi-circular hole cut out of it. The sides of the hole are nearly perfectly smooth, though over the millenia weathering has broken that up. Geologists and historians have generally agreed that this formation is most likely not natural -- and as such, have concluded that it must belong to a specific subset of geological features: Sacred Land Scars.  

Qur vs Miyu

Records show that on the 6th day of The Seven Day War, the goddess Miyu finally met her end via a combination attack from both Qur and Avartarian. No one is sure who appeared first, or who provoked the fighting, but popular myth states that Qur had wanted to end Miyu's rampage, as she had killed 3 other gods at that point of the war.  
I bet there's a connection between Miyu and that punctured mountain. Should Miyu ever fully fall, I imagine that mountain should crumble as well.
— Speculation
Myth states that when Qur confronted Miyu on that day, heated discussions lead to Qur firing a powerful energy blast at Miyu -- it supposedly punched straight through her, and into the mountain-tops behind her.   Both Miyu and the mountain were left with a smoking hole through center mass, and yet both remained standing.

Sacred Land Scars

Massive geological features on Cathedris, theorized to have been created during the godly civil war, The Seven Day War. Includes features such as craters, ravines, massive plateaus, and more.


It's thought that the power behind Qur's blast was enough to punch its way out of Cathedris's atmosphere, and out into space. Some theorists think that the energy is still out there, even now, punching holes through whatever gets in its way.   Others laugh at this idea, sure that such thoughts are mere hyperbole. To them, the blast used up most of its energy passing through Miyu and the mountain peak, and likely dissipated in the upper atmosphere. The gods were powerful, but not infinite unlimited potential powerful.

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Jul 13, 2021 17:09

That is one hell of a landmark - did the mountain also get splattered with burning bits of Miyu for extra rendling fun? :D

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Oh you know those mountains are absolutely crawling with charred and frozen Rendlings >:D

Jul 13, 2021 17:31

HELL yeah!

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Dang, I would have loved to see it get made. from a Very long distance away. :)

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Jul 14, 2021 22:17 by Stormbril

There'd be a whole lot of pretty spectacular destruction during this 7 day period of war, lots of things to see :D

Aug 5, 2021 20:39 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Lol, imagine a few stars getting blasted as a results of that attack... Would that make black holes? XD   I love the idea of that mountain hole (and all those rendlings from what you said to Q XD) that's really cool :D   Do you already have an article summarising all the events of the 7 days war and who killed who?

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The thought of the punch still going through space is... slightly terrifying. Really cool landmark, though. :D

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