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The Hungry Bay

From the Personal Journal of Alistair Douglas

Today, I’ll be transcribing my thoughts about another local legend that I believe points to more evidence of mysterious magical activity in the area.   There is a myth among the locals, the sort that you’d expect to find in any hamlet as a cautionary device, to keep the children away from danger. But, similiar to The Wandering Mountain, there is more to this story than meets the eye.   The legend does not have an official name, per say, but for the purposes of this entry, I will refer to it as “The Hungry Bay.”  

  The town I have recently come to call my home is a small settlement, situated around a bay which offers some respite from the ocean waves, as well as fishing opportunities. I’ve seen no evidence that the adult citizens of the town actually shy away from boating and fishing in the bay, but the legend persists.   As it goes, the bay is not as calm as it seems, but does in fact conceal some sort of monster in the hidden depths. This monster will allegedly rise from its slumber ever an unsuspecting citizen ventures too close to its resting place, which I believe is roughly dead center of the bay. I’ve come to this conclusion after a study of historical town reports, although as they are so old (I do not refer to the local newspaper archives, but even older sources) details are limited.   Based on my research, I also have reason to believe that there was quite likely some kind of danger present in the bay in decades or even centuries past, but it has remained deep in slumber for longer than any current human residents have been alive.   Nevertheless, when this creature did rise from the waves in days gone by, it sounds as though it was quite fearsome indeed - there are reports of entire trading ships destroyed by unknown dangers in the seemingly idyllic harbour. Over time, ships learned to avoid the center, navigating a narrow path between the mysterious danger and the rocky shores. I should say, the ships that bothered to continue entering ‘The Hungry Bay.’


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