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Blessed Waters of Ran'sin Daul

Blessed are the waters of Ran'sin Daul.
May their sunkissed waves lift your body from oblivion.
May their moondrenched droplets lay low your enemies.
— Blessing of the Pyrsic Brotherhood

      It is said that Ran'sin Daul and the mountains surrounding it came to be at the Exodus of the Gods. Its architects? The Twin Gods of Creation and Destruction for whom it is named. Listen well and you shall know that it's depths know no end.  

Duty of the Twins

As twilight fell on the Age of Gods, the last among them - the twins Ran and Sin - set forth on their final task. Their feet dragged as they walked deep into the middle of western continent of Velruun, their footsteps carved valleys and raised giant mountains to their sides. Having seen to the release of all the other gods, the only thing left for the twins to do, was to release themselves.
  While initially they only felt the sorrow of having brought their peers' ends, only relief from the burden placed upon them filled their hearts as they thought of their final task. It was only then they looked around and gazed upon the landscape their sulking walk had wrought. Renewed - they walked among it and looked for the place where it all would end.

Rising of the Daul

Having come across a turn in the valley they both enjoyed the look of, they set to work to make it into their suitable final rest. The other's had been slain where they had been - as all had decided - but surely for carrying the burden of the deed, they had earned the right to pick their place.
  Ran raised his hands into the air, bringing more land upward near the turn, almost encircling a portion of it with raised hills. His brother Sin, dug through the air with his hands and a large portion of the dirt between the newly raised hills seemed to disappear, leaving only a deep hole in its wake.
  Standing at the hole's edge Ran looked and shed a tear, which quickly expanded to fill the gaping hole with water. Looking over to his brother and nodding, they both walked over the water to the center of the newly formed lake where Ran then turned to look at Sin.


Onward to the Heavens

"As fate has demanded brother - so it must be - for the many to thrive - all gods must die"
  Sin only nodded as he placed his hand on his brothers shoulder for the final time. They smiled at each other, and Sin closed his eyes as his hand glowed gold and his brother's body burst - a beam of light shooting up into the heavens.
  The glow disappeared and Sin grabbed his shaking hand with the other. Tears streamed down his face and landed in the waters below. He reached inside his shirt and pulled out a small dagger. Plunging it into his chest his body began to turn to dust, as he looked to the skies for his brethren. As the last of him faded he merely smiled.
  "And so we shall"
  His body gone and his spirit flying towards the heavens to join his brother and their ilk, the dagger plunged into the lake, cutting down into it's floor, but never hitting the bottom.

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Jul 2, 2021 04:13 by William Belley

Woah, i was not expecting a post-creation sacrifice from the gods themselves. That is quite an interesting take on creation myths. Nice read ! It gives interest in the said conflict.   Happy SummerCamp !

Jul 2, 2021 04:19 by Jennifer Tsan

Ooh, I love this! Reminds me of my favorite song lyric. I love that one brother turned into light and the other into dust.

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Jul 14, 2021 09:42 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

This is so saaaaad :( Very nice myth and well written article :D

Jul 14, 2021 09:54 by ML Hammond

The worst part - they were both basically kids. One of which had to take on the fate of killing all the rest of the pantheon to ascend them from this plane - and the other his twin that couldn't let him walk that path alone. I'm really looking forward to writing the Exodus of the Gods either as an article or a short story once Summer Camp is over so I can cover how they ended up here. The terrible burden placed on Sin's shoulders, including right before the end having to release his brother Ran that walked with him through it all.

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That's horrifying! But that would indeed make for a great article :D