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The Caves of Jade

Located just beyond their encampment, a few villages south of Nattokata, perched high atop the cliffside shores of Caliego were the massive caves and dwellings. Amongst its hundreds of homes, legend tells of the largest grouping of the caves, known as the Dragonistia’s Cave of Kardes, once and still being home to the mythical Jade Dragonis.   Found wandering the shores of Caliego by a Kardesian phisherman, Jade was taken back to the the phisherman’s village and raised by the wisest family of Whoarsmoms and Phishingmen, the Grenadions. Legends tell of Jade’s overly protected upbringings, the spoils she grew into expectations, her unforgivingly fiery temper tantrums, and of the once loveable pup who grew fatally protective of Kardes and the burning deaths of any who traveled within her scent’s range.   Once a sweet dragonis, a young Jade loved flying from village to village, playing and tussling around with each village’s younger generations while being fed and coddled by the older ones. Her big, round, shiny, black eyes paired with her smiley lipped muzzle, and the beautiful creamy white veins lining her green and brown pentagonal shaped scales that ran down her dragonspine coupled with her gold speckled belly made both young and aged Jade an angelic sight to see.   Flying high above the mountains, villages, and seas of Caliego, Jade enjoyed the love and adoration she received from all who lived along and in the mountainous beaches of the crescent moon shaped bay; the circled area she grew to know as her home. Villagers often enjoyed watching Jade during mealtimes as she’d fly to heights just before the clouds. The dragonis would circle the bay, scanning the waters for her proportionate prey; the bigger the dragonis grew the bigger her prey became. Once spotted, there was no escape for her prey; Jade never missed her target.

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