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The legend surrounding the Falorant Mountains

In relation to what you have been told about the fall of the Empire, a group of five heroes will arise towards the end of the 19th century. This group will come together from all across the Etrian empire, being made up of five different people from five different backgrounds, and the heroes who will expose all the secrets and lies that have kept the people of the empire under the control of the Emperor for so many long centuries.   Before they manage to finall do this, though, they will have to complete a journey around the empire, which will enable them to gather what is needed to cause the fall of the Etrian empire. One of their members will want to visit the place where his mother, a Dwarve, hails from. He will lead the group up the tallest mountain in the [Falorant Mountain] range, where they will learn of the horrors that have befallen the area.   If they are given the right help, they will learn enough, and gain enough, to help with their uprising.   The group will attempt to free the people of the mountains of Falor, although it is unknown how successful they will be. All that is known is that they will come, and when they do, all of us will need to be prepared to aide them, or, if that is not possible, teach them of the wrongdoings of the empire.   Should we fail, they will fail.   Should they fail, the empire will not fail.   Should the empire not fail, the situation will get worse until the whole world is ruled by the Etrian empire.   And that is an outcome that must be avoided.
Date of First Recording
Unknown, the exact year has been lost to time. However it is thought to be circa 1400
Date of Setting

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