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Pillars of Gistal (Gu-hiss-tal)

The Pillars of Gistal (or life) are 7 massive Monolithic structures at the seven points of Asmatum. Each pillar is believed to be a foundational concept of life that if broken would send the world back into chaos.  

The Pillars of Gistal


The Pillar of Tiamatu represents Primordial Essence that which everything flowed from and existed in before the world as it is now know


The Pillar of Chokhmah represents the idea of humanity in Ninti  mind as a concept and her first steps toward developing the world as we know it.


The Pillar of Binah is the pillar of Ninti and Matum's gained knowledge from Mummu on the necessities of creating new life


The Pillar of Chesed is the pillar of love and kindness representing the passion Ninti  had for creating an autonomous image that can create and grow


The Pillar of Tiferet represents beauty. it is the pillar of Matum passion for making astatically pleasing things.


The Pillar of Yesod is the pillar of land which is needed to create order out of Timatsu. it represents the safe haven of man from destruction.


Finally, there is the Pillar of Malkuth. It is the pillar of humility and reminds us of our need for the Devine to exist and be sustained and that if any one of the pillars was to fall Reality would start to fall in on itself

Historical Basis

Outside of the pillars actually existing there significance is only speculated through ancient traditionally rhetoric.
Date of First Recording
1 WH
Date of Setting
2000 BWH
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Jul 19, 2021 12:53 by Rebecca Bielow

I really love the concept and would love to read more about the ancient oral myths!

Jul 19, 2021 13:01

ya, I am currently working on flushing out the pillars and the associated deities from my pantheon/s. Trying to keep up the comp and getting my foundation together has been stretching in the best way possible. I actually found world anvil like a week before summer camp, I think, then I didn't even look at the camp untell the day it started so I kinda started at a deficit.

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