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Creation of the Drakithan


During the First Age, when the remaining races were rebuilding from the Fracturing, Venn was ripe for the taking. The Gods were banished and their children were left to fend for themselves. The land around Krennica was scarred and the races weren't positive it would ever return to normal. Some of the races, decided to expand inward and discovered the land had become mostly flat.    Of the races that expanded inward, the dragonborn were few and far between. They weren't very well liked, so they decided to split off from the main group and went east towards a rocky area. There they built homes for themselves out of the earth beneath them. During their time rebuilding, they felt rumbling from beneath them. It was faint at first, but over time, they become closer and closer and closer. One day, when the sky was clear and the sun was shining. The dragonborn felt the earth beneath them shake and it would never stop. The ground began to crack, and the dragonborn saw red erupt from the ground. They started to run but the ground moved upward blocking their path at every turn. They were trapped.    The shaking stopped, but not for long. But this time, it was the last time it would shake. The earth beneath them cracked and a gigantic creature burst through the ground. In his right hand were all of the dragonborn that were trapped in the eye of this disaster. In the wake of this devastation, the earth was no longer flat but jagged and raised to the sky. The creature, soared around the earth that was just raised and rested at the peak of the newly formed mountain. He set the dragonborn down atop the peak.   The creature spoke a tongue familiar to them but sounded more raw and angry. "You are kin. Use this land to become great."    The creature flew off into the distance and left the dragonborn on their own.    These dragonborn would later build the dragonborn capital, Dragulia and would name the mountain range, the Drakithan Mountains. The creature they would later come to know that it was an ancient black dragon known as Vyldraxion, "The Destroyer." He would be known as a terror throughout Venn, but would leave the dragonborn alone.


The Creation of the Drakithan has spread all throughout Venn. Many variations of it have been spread, but they can all be traced back to Dragulia, where few elders know of the actual tale.   It is seldom spoken about in Kolith and it is unknown if it has found its way to Pregona.

Variations & Mutation

There are many variations of the Creation of the Drakithan. They mostly range from which color of dragon broke from the ground to cause the mountain to form in its wake. Some say it was an ancient black dragon coming to spread terror onto the land. Others say it was the death of the oldest dragon to ever live and its offspring was the mountain itself.    Most tend to lean towards a dragon breaking the earth and forming the mountain range, but these stories are mostly coming from the dragonborn themselves.

Cultural Reception

To the dragonborn, this myth is very important to their identity as they believe it is their ancestral home. To honor this myth, they built their city, Dragulia on the mountain range's peak.    To the other races, this myth doesn't have much weight. They believe that mountains were formed when the world was created. With no documents left during that time none really know the truth.

In Literature

Few books depict this myth. This particular myth is mostly spread by dragonborn elders who are telling stories to their kin.    The most notable of the books that discuss this myth is a book about all of the collective myths of the world. However, there is only a short paragraph regarding the Creation of the Drakithan in this book. The book is called "Myths of Valandria".

In Art

In dragonborn culture, there are many works of art depicting this myth. Depending on who made it, there may be a different colored dragon being shown erupting from the earth. The most notable piece of art is The Creation of Drakithan, painted by the great artist Krenkis Vorxan, depicts Vyldraxion "The Destroyer" erupting from the earth where the Drakithan now sits. This is the only known depiction of Vyldraxion in the world, to date.
Date of First Recording
15, First Age
Date of Setting
Unknown, First Age

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