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15/10/3024 PT

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The world of Valandria is a world where magic and science go hand in hand. There are three continents on Valandria, the largest of them being Venn. The other two continents are Pregona and Kolith. Pregona has been shrouded in mystery since the beginning of time. Anyone who ventures into the continent never return. The mighty Valaxxi came from Pregona attacking Venn and their cities. Thus the Ancient War began.   This war waged on for centuries. The indigenous species of Venn, the Trisar, were an ancient form of humans. They possessed the traits of both humans and elves. They were the most powerful with magic and were the ones responsible for the buildings and technology the world has today. The seven most powerful wizards of the land, The Mythic Council, stood atop the Tower of Krennica and combined their strength to stop the Valaxxi once and for all. The combined power of The Mythic Council destroyed the Valaxxi but, at a great cost. The combined strength of The Mythic Council caused the power to overload, destroying a major portion of the Tower of Krennica and a vast majority of the remaining Trisar in the world.   With the war being won, Venn moved into the First Age. The surviving members of the Trisar eventually died off and their descendants, humans and elves took over their cities. Other species from Kolith migrated to Venn and soon there were many species in Venn. After some time, the species formed their own cities on Venn. Nine cities were constructed with Krennica being the city bringing them all together. Some of cities attempted to take control of the continent by force, but none were able to capture Krennica. Krennica stepped in and formed the Republic. This Republic was all of the nine cities together.   The Republic was formed by the first High Sovereign, Tyran. His family ruled until they died out centuries later and thus the Second Age began. The ages were each symbolized by the passing of the High Sovereign's linage. The Second Age was an age of even more technological advancements for the world. Great airships were constructed to transport people and services from one city to another. Water ways were constructed to help with plumbing inside the major cities. These advancements made the Second Age, the greatest of the ages, but like all good things, it faded and the Third Age began.   The Third Age saw a create deal of famine and destruction. Lead by High Sovereign Leden, he attempted to create great monuments of Ages past. All he was successful of was rebuilding the Tower of Krennica. The celebration of the rebuilt tower was short-lived. Shortly after the celebration, an ancient evil awoke from his slumber underneath the Draken Mountains. Vyldraxxion "The Destroyer" broke through the mountain range, ripping the mountain range in two. Vyldraxxion, tore through land for years collecting riches from wherever he went. A legendary hero, Balthur Moro sought out Vyldraxxion until one of his black arrows pierced the underside of Vlydraxxion. The arrow was a dragon killer, and it was coated with a powerful toxin, which would ravage the internal of any dragon that was hit by it. Vlydraxxion fell and landed on the dragonborn city of Dragulia, but not before destroying the west and south districts of the city. Because of Leden's inability to handle the situation, it was determined he was unfit to rule and was striped of his title. The Senate held an emergency election and Augustus Orion was named High Sovereign, and the Fourth Age began.   High Sovereign Orion has been attempting to fix the problems that arose during Leden's time as High Sovereign. His rule so far has been just but, there have been stirrings of contempt in his court and that there are people who wish to overthrow him. Unrest is everywhere in the capital and that is where our story begins.