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Elimon Lake

The spirit of Elimon Hrus wanders the mountains seeking out and clearing blockages of the mountain streams to ensure the continuous feed of water into what is now called Elimon Lake.

Historical Basis

Elimon Hrus was a successful furrier and founder of the town of Bevarton. He created a system to collect and distribute the water from three mountain streams. Elimon's operations grew to include hide tanning and clothing manufacture renowned throughout the region. Elimon never lost his love of his mountain excursions, but as he married, raised three sons, and his businesses grew he had to stop those trips up into the mountains. As the town and his businesses grew, so did the demands on the water distribution system, needing a greater regular supply from the mountains. Trapping expeditions were expanded to assess how the supply could be increased. The results of the information collected showed that regular clearing of debris and animal dams would increase the supply and regularity. Teams were formed to perform the maintenance tasks so that the trappers could then again begin to focus on pelt collection. The maintenance teams grew larger and their expeditions longer to perform the said maintenance and eventually Elimon with his growing sons in tow, would join and actively manage these maintenance expeditions.   Then one year, Elimon believing the teams had grown complacent in seeking out new and additional issues and just being content to just clear any known "hot spots," he set out on a solo expedition. Two weeks after Elimon left, a large rush of water came down the mountains. The maintenance and trapping teams barely avoided the huge rush of water pouring down the streams having to abandon their tasks and return to the town.   The rush of water destroyed Elimon's distribution system flooding an area of the plain beyond it, carving out a lake bed and reaching a depth of 15 feet, where the distribution system once stood. Elimon never returned from the mountain, giving rise to the tale that Elimon found and cleared some blockage of the streams in the upper mountains.


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