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The Eye that Blinks

Collected tales and art around an aberrative "natural" rock formation.

On Watcher's Isle, an island off the southwest coast of the Broken Heartlands, a single mountain rises up over the waves. A craggy, steep peak, this mountain is marked by a famous sight - a colossal eye set into the stone near the peak. It faces inwards and is the known as the patron protector of Chamsmouth and its surrounding locale.

Residents speak in hushed tones of strange phenomena; diseases and mutations that affect those who stay too long under the gaze of Watcher's Isle. Only one set of people seem content to toil out in the open for extended periods: the fisherman. However, these people will not share their information with outsiders and obstruct those who try to reach the island.


If the people of Chamsmouth are pushed for details, curious outsiders may hear rumours that the eye sometimes blinks. Residents are unwilling to confirm this as the act of staring at the eye is viewed as foolish or outright dangerous by more superstitious folk. Everyone knows of a person who has lost their mind and are unwilling to risk the same fate falling upon themselves or their families.

The fisherfolk are less unsettled by the rumours but seem unwilling to talk of them.

In Art

Much of the local art, particularly paintings, produced in Chamsworth feature Watcher's Isle in some way. Even unconsciously, the shape of the peak appears in the background or worked into objects in the foreground. It is rare that an artist produces a work in which the eye is closed but when they do, one invariable fact is true: they never remember painting the eye itself.

The eye also features in poems and local drinking songs, often fitting the role of a necessary evil, an unpleasant protector for the locals.

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Cover image: by Antonio López from Pixabay


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