The Song of too Many

The Catacombs of Murbay are a vast network of tunnels that rivals even the network underneath Querenth. Many terrible things have happened here, and many myths and legends still exist about them. Many are scared to go into the catacombs, not weird, since you could lose your way and be trapped very easily. Many have been lost in the tunnels, and many legends about those people have been told. "I heard him call out for his dog, we need to send in a dog otherwise he will never rest", "I heard the distinct voice of that little girl that disappeared fifteen years ago and is now most likely an adult, we need to find her an apple to give." or some stupid shit like that. But the most famous and maybe the most aery myth of all is that of "The Song of too Many".  

The myth

When the nobles of Murbay started cracking down on illegal worshippers of Thasma, a terrible event happened. In one of the largest underground temples, one where you could house a good 300 people, there was a once a gathering. The stands were packed and even the surrounding tunnels were full of people. Legend says that there were thousands of people, but I have been there and it seems that if anything, it would be a maximum of 500. When the soldiers attacked, the people scattered, running into the tunnels to escape the soldiers. But their torches soon ran out, and thousands lost their way. Until this day their ghosts still roam through the tunnels, singing the song they were singing when the soldiers attacked. Some dreary occult song about Thasma. When I was there, my guide said he heard the song and almost ran out, which would have left me without a torch mind you. I stopped him just in time to tell him that it was just the wind. But if I'm being honest with you I did hear something that sounded an awful lot like singing. I didn't tip the man, of course, he almost left me there.

Cover image: by Pimenefusarund


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