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Falling Tower of Diamond Bay

The Falling Tower of Diamond Bay is a large water tank cum clock tower located in the small town of Diamond Bay. It is approximately eight storeys tall, built in the shape of a pagoda tower. Inside though, there are effectively four floors, with most of the middle space from the top floor to the second floor taken up by the water tank. The outside of the tower was built around the water tank, and offers scenic views of the town when climbing the interior stairs.  


The Tower was commissioned by the town council somewhere in the late 1800s. A local immigrant with an extensive architectural background was appointed to lead the project. It was he who first proposed that the water tower be expanded instead of just building it on the third floor, reasoning that even though the town was small at that point, it would grow and the town's water needs would as well. The architect also proposed the change when he realised the ground earmarked was soft and could lead to the tower leaning slightly over the years due to the weight of the tower if it was contained at the top floor.   The building of the tower proceeded smoothly and was completed about one year after groundbreaking. This was fairly fast for such an undertaking, but there were whispers that the architect did not just build for the living, but for those beyond. This was never quite addressed during the building and no one wanted to condemn the tower, however, the architect did disappear several months after the tower was completed. The town council took the opportunity to scrub his name from the records, claiming they had lost records of his name.  


As predicted, the tower did begin to sag slightly to the side after it was built. However, thanks to the architect, while the sag was noticeable, it was done in such a manner that the building was actually more solid than before. Some say that at certain angles and on specific floors, you could actually drop a ball of yarn and it will form a 90 degree angle to the ground, creating a proper triangle. There are some who even say that doing this during specific zodiac influences will open a door to the other side.   This is false. Many who have tried to do so during the Grand Conjunction and other such rare events have debunked this myth thoroughly, though this does not stop many others from trying. However, Jabatan Sihir has discovered that individuals who do walk through the door often exhibit extreme psychic sensitivity that can last anywhere from two days to fourteen years. This only applies under two conditions - the end of the yarn lowered to the ground is weighted so it forms a strict line, and it is done when the moon is in the sky, whether seen or unseen.

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